Thursday, January 7, 2010


I started to put out my Valentine's Day decorations today, and to be honest, I have very little. But, here are a few pics of around the house, I do have a few more things hanging on doors and such, but blogger was taking forever to download pics and I did not feel like waiting.

I filled my wood bowl on the kitchen table with fabric hearts and berries and it sits on a runner that I bought years ago(like 10) at tj maxx and I tea stained it.

This is the display by my mudroom door.

And I made these paper mittens a couple of years ago.

I've also been working on 14 Valentine's for Sarah's swap. It's been tough as my creative juices are not flowing right now, but I think I finally figured something halfway decent out.

I think my next few posts will share another collection, will be a Q+A, and possibly my first giveaway on my new blog, so stay tuned. 

Have a lovely day,


  1. Tiff, are you super human? Six kiddies and one on the way. Your home is lovely, warm and inviting. I enjoyed seeing how you store your rug hooking worms. I store mine on an antique laundry rack. Best wishes with the new little one.

  2. I agree with the last are wonder woman!! I don't even own Valentines put me to shame. I only have 2 children and I am tired!!!!

    Your home is beautiful. I love looking at all your old pics....lucky I live in Canada, or you might find me outside peeking in the windows. LOL!

  3. Yes, I agree with the other two posts. You are amazing. Have a great night, janie

  4. You guys are too sweet. I'm definately not a super woman, just a very neurotic woman :) I spend my days at home, so I figure it should be the way I like it, and remember, I'm in major nesting mode right now!!

  5. I agree with the other ladies your an inspiration :) love the valentine displays.Blessings, Leah

  6. Hi Tiff,
    Love your Valentines decorations. I dont have any, but after seeing yours.... I NEED TO GET ME SOME!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Lovely decorations. I need to work on that this weekend. I don't have much either although I do use some of my pink depression glassware as Valentine decor...I need to get/make some more :)


  8. I love your decorations. I never do anything for valentines, but seeing how wonderful yours look, it tempts me. I guess I would have to take down my Christmas ones first;)


  9. You have some lovely decorations. Your home looks just beautiful.

    Word Designer

  10. It all looks great. I don't know how you do it either. I have three girls and finding time to get things done is not easy. God Bless You!

  11. I think your Valentine goodies look great! You have a wonderful knack for display. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Have a great week!


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