Monday, January 18, 2010

Crocheting on "chair rest"...

Thank you all for the sweet comments. We had a nice dinner out. Unfortunately, sometime on Saturday, I pulled or tore a muscle in the upper right portion of my stomach. And every time I cough(which is often from the acid reflux) it feels like a knife is stabbing me, the pain is horrible. So yesterday, I decided to take it easy and rest the day in my recliner. But I couldn't just sit there, so I crocheted and crocheted, and crocheted....

I made this gown and matching hat for Mason. Though, I think it would look better if I could find a green or tan onesie to put underneath it.

I also made a hat for the baby shower on Sunday(the pink one) and a "sweet pea" hat for Mason.
Also, another pair of leg warmers and a matching hat.
And a pair of fingerless mittens for myself (modeled by my 12yr old with her green nail polish). I still want to add some buttons to these to spice them up a bit.
My stomach is still extremely painful today, so I'm going to try and rest the remainder of the day, which is hard, because I still have a ton to do. I think tomorrow will be a Q+A post.

Until then,
Have a lovely day(it's a snowy one here),


  1. Is there anything you can't do? Hope your doing better today?

  2. Okay, you need to do a post about sitting around doing nothing, because you are making me feel really useless!!! :)

    That baby gown is wonderful.

  3. Gosh...I am so sorry about your pulled muscle. I remember when I was pregnant with my twins my stomach muscle separated and it was misery. I hope your resting will make it better.
    You certainly took advantage of your resting--your little crocheted things are simply adorable! (What if you dyed a onesie to go under the little gown?)
    Take care-

  4. OUCH..that just sounds so painful. You are pretty productive in spite. Take care!


  5. Oh Tiff, if that is what you call just sitting around, I can't wait to see what you produce when you are really busy! Take it easy.

  6. Tiff, you do lovely work! Sorry you pulled a muscle...hope you'll feel better soon!

    Love the little hats!


  7. you did a great job on the crocheting? is there anything you can do? you are most talented..I do hope you are feeling better and getting some rest..:)

  8. So sorry that you are in pain. I hope it is all better real soon!
    Love all the crocheted items. I can't believe you did ALL of that in one day! Amazing!

  9. Tif, so sorry your in pain. Hope it feels better today.

    Wow, lots of great handmades. Take care, Janie

  10. I'm new to your blog and love it! So sorry to hear about your painful muscle pull. Your mention of coughing due to acid reflux caught my eye. For the past year I've had a dry cough that was driving me crazy and my primary Dr kept saying it was allergies, but the allergy meds didn't help. Finally, I began researching online about this and found out it can also be due to the reflux. One of the things mentioned was to cut out dairy products, one of my favorite things!!! I did cut it out and the coughing stopped! My gastroenterologist told me that if I wanted to eat any of the forbidden things to do it earlier in the day. I wanted to tell you about this in hopes that it may help curb your cough too.


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