Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wow, I didn't realize how little I have been on the computer this week until I saw how many blogs I haven't been keeping up with. Skip a few days and it feels like you miss a lot! I'll have to do some catching up this weekend :)

Anyway, I thought I would share what I have been up to this week.

I washed and put away all the baby clothes and blankets, so that is one major thing off my checklist. Scrubbed the carseat and bouncy seat and they are ready. Managed to get two meals made and in the freezer for the family when I'm in the hospital(still need to make a few more) and the house is relatively organized.

I finished up my Valentines on Sunday. I redid these so many times because I just kept being not happy with them. I first made the polymer clay heart pins that are attached to the side, then I made the fabric cones(the color is a real pink in person, not the coral color the pic is showing). I stuffed them with so many different things, but nothing looked right, so in the end I just went with chocolate, who doesn't like chocolate? Now just need to get them in the mail.

I finally made a knit gown for the baby. But my sewing machine was acting up with the knit fabric, so I gave up and just hand sewed the whole thing. Which really only took an evening, baby clothes are small luckily. I think in came out pretty cute.
Then I crocheted some baby leg warmers for under the gown. That way during diaper changes, his little legs will still be warm. I want to make a few more pairs, yet another evening project.
I also made this bag for the baby. I fell in love with this bear fabric at goodwill a few months ago. It was originally a pair of curtains, but I knew they could be turned into something else. The fabric is a heavy canvas, perfect for a tote bag. I added the trim and a pocket on the inside, but I still need to get a thin piece of plastic to make a bottom for it so it has some stability.
And I'm working on a baby quilt for a baby shower that I'm going to on the 24th. My neighbors are throwing it for me and another neighbor. She is due the end of March and is having a girl, so I'm making her a girly patchwork quilt and maybe a matching tote(time depending).
That's it for now. Sorry I haven't been around. I have a ton of mail I still need to answer, which I'm getting too, but with running the kids to all their activities and trying to get so much done, computer time is limited lately.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Tif, you are so talented. Great projects and so cute!!. Take time to rest, Janie

  2. So very talented in so many ways! love everything you made. Your kids have a very smart Mommy :) Blessings,Leah

  3. You've been very busy. It sounds like you're prepared. Your daughter did a great job on her first project. I need a sewing machine cover. It was humbling to see hers and realize I haven't made one for mine. I loved the little bag you made. That fabric is beautiful. You're so creative!

  4. Wow, you sure are busy. The baby items are amazing and making a quilt for someone else in-between!! you are truely talanted! Have a good day, Shazy x

  5. Love the valentines cones, you amaze me!

  6. Your valentines are lovely and that baby sleeper is precious. I just love the quietness of handwork.


  7. wow Tiff you have been busy!!! my next door neighbor has the stackable washer and dryer front loaders and I gave her some of my laundry detergent to try..she said it was okay along as she added just the tablespoon..she did say the pink zote soap didn't dissolve as well because the machines don't use as much water..she said it would have worked if it had been a smaller (grate) on the if you decide to make some just grate the soap in smaller pieces..the bigger one works well in my machine (not a front loader) and I have never had any problem..just FYI..I love your blog..going to become a follower...oh and I love!!! the little gingham valentine cones you did you make the cones? I love learning new ideas..;) have a great weekend.:)

  8. I am in love with your home..I love it..went back to before thanksgiving and love!!!! all the eye have a beautiful home and a great eye for decorating..would love all of it in mine.:)

  9. Tiff.....I NEED that pattern for the infant gown.
    Where did you get it, or how did you do it. I love infant gowns, and would love to make them.

    My email button is on the left hand side of my blog!

  10. Hi there Tiff, and Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE the candy cones! I've put up photographs of the goodies I received thanks to Sarah's Heart to Heart Swap at my blog:

    I made the blue banner that was hopefully included in your goodie box! I'm so glad to have found your blog,



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