Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sewing Room...

I "think" I'm done with the sewing room for now, at least I need to be or I won't get anything else done!  This poor room has had so many transformations since we moved here is the summer of 2006. It started as the original dining(there was no beadboard wall at the time, my dad built that for me, nor was there a screen door on the small opening). As a dining room, it barely got used, since we have a table in our kitchen. So it was just more of a show place for my stuff, which is fine, but I really do hate wasted space. While it was a dining room, I tried many different looks, from Americana, to shabby chic white, to a light blue(which only last a few days).  The end of the dining room came when I wanted a sewing room. The wall went up and the sewing room came. How I struggled with this room. It changed looks many times as a sewing/sitting room. Then, I decided to let it go and it actually became my oldest son's room for about 9 months and his room(the bonus room over the garage became the big kids playroom). Well, that didn't work and wasn't being used except by my oldest son and his friends. So, I finally said, I want my sewing room back and you can have your giant room back. We switched again, bought big shelving(remember the wool post). And I tried to make it a functional sewing room, but again, I wasn't pleased with it, I wanted it a bit prettier. So that leads us to where we are today, phew! Did you make it? LOL!

If you want to see some pics of the room as a dining room, I linked to my old blog that shows a post of a bunch of different looks that have been in the room.

And here is a link to what the original sewing room looked like when I first did it. It was nice, but yellow isn't my color and I still wasn't happy with it. My parents gave me that wicker set, which really needs to be in a nice 3 season porch, for now it is being stored in my basement because I just don't have the space for it, but I love it and hope to use it someday.

Finally, the pics for today.  I painted the white beadboard wall, Heritage blue by Old Village paints, and eventually all the white trim in the room will go blue. I then hung my first floor cloth that I made in a class from adult ed(the edges had gotten ruined, the woman who taught the class had no idea what she was doing) on the wall and framed it out with some molding I had in the basement. And I stenciled the whole room on Thursday.

Here is the view from the screen door kitchen area. I moved in the treddle sewing machine so that my youngest daughter had a place to sew with the new machine she got for Christmas.

I may change out the curtains(which I made a few years ago) after I paint the trim around the windows.  I hung all my embroidery hoops in the corner from an iron basket hanger. 

In this corner I put the goodwill dresser(remember it was green, painted it old village mustard), it holds all my patterns, and beside it is the wool rack. I then finally hung the goose picture that I picked up last summer at the lions club yardsale for a quarter. Funny thing is I actually debated on this pic, and my friends didn't really think it was me, but I liked the goose and the fact that on the back it said made in the USA.  I have since seen it on several blogs, but I bet nobody else got it for a quarter!

Here is the view of my sewing area. I did leave one shelving unit in the room(I needed the storage) but it's covered, so it doesn't bother me too much, however one day it will be replaced with a big wood prim cupboard.  My machine sits on a huge roll top desk that we bought years ago for our computer. We almost got rid of it several times, but now I'm glad I kept it, at least for now it works.  On top of it sits half of my old dining room hutch(the bottom half is in my family room with our TV on top of it). I had hubby and oldest son bring this up from the basement because I hated that it wasn't being used. Unfortunately, it was 1/4" too tall to fit! So we had to take the very top piece up wood off the top and then it fit, luckily you can't tell and the molding was able to stay on.

Here is my work table for now, I picked up this table within the last year at goodwill and gave it a paint makeover. Hubby brought this braided rug up from the basement for me because the room felt cold without a rug(I told you I have a ton of stuff stored in the basement!).  The couch used to be in our family room until we got the big brown monster. This couch is very comfy and the golden mustard color now goes well with my sewing room.

Just a close up of the stenciling around the room. I stuck with the 3 colors of the room, blue, red, and mustard. Super easy to do, but I forgot how time consuming stenciling is, especially when you are 8.5 months pregnant and are up and down on a step ladder!

I rearranged the hutch in the corner a bit and filled the berry basket with rolled wool. And just another view of the room, I need to take the curtain off the door now that the room is done, I was trying to hide the mess.

And the sign that hangs on the kitchen side of my sewing room door.

That's it for now. Just have to clean up the family room and kitchen and I can move on to more projects... like the huge old spinning wheel that is currently sitting in my garage waiting to be cleaned and find a place to reside in my home.

Have a great weekend,



  1. your sewing room is very pretty! You did a great job Tiff! I have the goose picture - and I did not get it for a quarter! :) Its called Bittersweet by Pauline Campanelli.. I think I paid $35 for the print and framed it myself - so you got quite a deal for a quarter! Your stenciling and beadboard is beautiful, I love it!

  2. looks great, lots of work, but worth it.

    Have fun, Janie

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!!! My sewing room/office/studio will never look this lovely. Your photos are so inviting, I just want to come in and make myself comfortable on the couch. Good job.

  4. i love your sewing room. i'm so jealous. you did a wonderful job.

  5. It looks so nice. I just have a sewing corner, a complete room would be wonderful.

  6. It looks perfect Tiff, I love it all, esp. that blue beadboard wall-wow!

  7. What an awesome work space! It is very pleasing to the eye and functional. The best of both worlds! I think its great that you also have room for your daughter to sew in there with you.

    Happy New Year! May it be filled with blessings & joy!

  8. Hi Tiff- I have been following your blog for awhile now, and you had to go add the link for your old one! lol I spent a LONG time on here the other day reading about you! I cried at the loss of your precious Nathan, and am so happy for your pregnancy with Mason :-) I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your sewing room-especially that blue!



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