Friday, September 21, 2012

Chalkboard Friday....Birds from Heaven

I almost forgot about today being Chalkboard Friday until I was pleasantly reminded of it when I looked out the windows.

In the days following the loss of Nathan four years ago, a little bird constantly appeared in the back of our house. He would perch in different spots and we always seemed to make eye contact. That little bird lifted my spirits and from then on I have always associated special bird moments with Nathan. Some people get pennies from Heaven, I get birds :)

You all know what has been going on this week, and I miss Cameron terribly, but each day is getting easier and I found other parents in his Company that I can chat with online.  I have also started a prayer journal and write in it daily, this has been a huge help.

So, today I was in the kitchen and had a bit of sadness as I was baking cookies(knowing Cameron wouldn't get any) and I looked out the window and saw a beautiful bluebird perched on the railing.  I called Mason over and lifted him up so he could see.  Then I slowly moved to get the camera. It was too late for that shot. But the bluebird returned with his mate and they were eating the seeds from my herb pots. The camera was acting funny and apparently wasn't taking pictures when I thought it was, so I missed those ones too :(

But then, all of a sudden, birds were coming from all over the place, and all different kinds of them!!! It was fantastic feathered folly:)

Isn't this one beautiful. He was so fast when he hopped around.
 Here is the baby of the bluebird family. You can still see his pin feathers.
 The front of him...
 These little guys kept coming and going....
 He came right up to the window to look at Mason.
 I then took the camera out front... There was a pair of bluebirds going in and out of the birdhouse.
 The proud papa watching from his roost.
 If you look right in the middle of this picture you will see a small chick a dee hanging upside down.
 Baby blue bird...
 There were at least 40 of these little guys all over the ground, it looked like a swarm of field mice.
 Two different species foraging..
 Up on the roof....
 and down on the ground.
 The bright yellow gorgeous finches kept escaping my camera lens, they are such fun to watch.

I thought this verse was quite appropriate for today after having such a wonderful gift of the birds sent to me.....

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post. I look forward to next Tuesday's Display Chain.

Have a wonderful weekend and hug your family dearly,



  1. Aren't birds beautiful. You certainly were blessed with many sightings. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. How lovely,what a special girl you are Tiff ,that all the birds come to visit knowing you needed cheering up.
    Keep the faith,Laura x


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