Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stressed I guess....

Last night at around 7 I got the most intense chest and shoulder pain. I knew it was probably just very bad heartburn, but it was a bit concerning. Hubby ran to the store to get me some antacids, they didn't help.  The intense pain lasted about half an hour, then it followed with waves of pain that weren't as bad. I was up all night with it. It was still there this morning and was radiating into my jaw and ears. I took some tylenol for the pain, but it didn't help.  I called hubby at work and he made me call the Dr.  I went in at 2 this afternoon.  My blood pressure was low(as usual), lungs clear, heart sounded good, but he wanted to do an EKG to make sure.  It came back fine. He suspects it is bad heartburn mixed with a huge dose of Stress. I know I am under stress, have been for awhile. I talked with him about it, ended up in tears(which apparently I was the third person today to cry to him, I joked that it was him causing  the emotional outbursts).  I guess it just hit me all at once last night and my body finally said enough is enough.  Problem is, I can't do anything about the stress, which causes stress itself!  And it doesn't help that some of that stress got moved up by a week. My son told me when I got home from the Dr's that he is leaving for bootcamp this Sunday instead of the 24th. He got bumped up because someone else didn't pass the physical and he already has. Add that to the major house stress we are under right now and I just don't feel well. In fact I am still having the chest and left shoulder pains as I type this and I haven't been able to eat anything since dinner yesterday, I just feel awful. And of course I'm now stressing over the price of this Dr visit!!

Hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight and I will feel back to normal in the morning.



  1. Praying for you Tiff! Stress is a hard one to cure oneself of.

  2. Oh, so sorry Tiff!! I have been through lots of those times in life. I have had ekg's, hooked up to monitors, cat scan for MS and the list goes on.Stress can cause so many things:( Please ask for a medication if you need it for a while to help you through things. You don't have to take it forever, but sound like with you r son leaving and all you may need something. I will be praying. Feel free to vent to me if you need to. Blessings~Sara

  3. Tiff, I experienced these same symtoms, eventually the doctors determined I was having esophogeal spasms. I was eventually treated for GERD, with prescription medication. Drink lots of cold water, it does help. Google for more info, hope this helps, Julie.

  4. Sorry to hear about your stress..
    Hope ya are feeling better soon..

  5. {{hugs}} sorry to hear of your pain, the tears and worry/stress. I am praying for you, Tiff! Take care of yourself...

  6. So sorry Tiff to hear about everything hitting you at once but remember that you will come thru the dark times. Ask your dr for something to help you. I have learned (the very hard way) that there is no shame or failure in asking for help, only for not asking!

  7. Breathe.........been there, many times! Look at the negatives and turn them into positives, works for me! That and hot tea! Hugs!

  8. Tiffany, You'll be in my prayers.. You've been through an awful lot in your young life.. I know how it is to have a son go into the service of our country.. My son joined the Navy when he was eighteen and got married and divorced before he has finished his tour or duty.. What's a Mom to do ?

    Ask your doctor for something to help you get through all that you're going through.. Try to think positive thoughts too and try to keep busy doing something you enjoy..

    Sending hugs and compassionate thoughts,
    Charlotte in Virginia

  9. Sending prayers & happy thoughts your way.


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