Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lamp Light...

 Yesterday was warm and very humid. The wind gradually picked up as the day went on. Finally, it blew a storm in. And at 9:16 there was a lightening flash, the lights flickered about 6 times, then the power went out.... during a NEW episode of Doctor Who!!! GRRRR! Not sure if you all know, but we are major Whovians in this house.   The power was out for about an hour, and luckily I was able to set the dvr to record the show later on in the evening(haven't watched it yet though, been busy all day).

We usually love power outages around here, the kids find them very exciting, but no one was too happy about this one. But at least the glow of the lamp flames makes the house feel warm and cozy.

 And I managed to finish another washcloth to add to my Christmas stash.
The storm cleared the air and today was absolutely gorgeous and felt like Fall was in the air. Cooler air, seeing the first flock of geese heading south, and fresh apples in the stores... no doubt about it, summer is almost over.



  1. I still have to pull out a Laura Ingalls Wilder book when our power goes out. The kids always remember me reading aloud from her books & still like it today at 18, 15 & 12! Making memories.....

  2. Must admit I love candle light, but am miserable when the power goes out! Like your blog

  3. I love the candle light look of your home..
    Dr.Who is not a show I have watched but I do know of the show..
    Love the Graham Norton show..
    Have a great day..

  4. Sorry that you missed your show, but loved the lighting in your home! Take care, Janice

  5. It's fun to live the Amish for a little while isn't it ? lol Have a great week Tiff !! Hugsssss


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