Friday, September 14, 2012

The Friday Chalkboard for YOU...

What would I do without all of you!? The pictures, ideas, and stories I get from blogging are great but what makes having a blog truly Grand is the people, you, all of you who take the time to read about my life and leave for me your own experiences, advice, words of encouragement, and prayers.  Thank you from with all my heart! Each one of you is a dear and lovely treasure:)

I'm working through my stress of Cameron leaving and I'm sure many more tears will be shed, but I know that I will get through this, it is part of life.

I decided that myself and my family needed some weekly inspiration to focus on.  So the big chalkboard found a new home in the hallway that leads upstairs, where is has it's own spot to be the center of attention.  Every Friday I'm going to write a new Bible verse or inspirational saying on it and I will share it here as well. I think I will finally take the time next week and organize my posts into categories that I will then put on my sidebar. I think it will help me keep this up if I feel the need to have posts in that category(ya, my brain works like that).

So here is today's chalkboard....
 I think this one is very appropriate for this week.

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend.

Your grateful friend,



  1. This is such a great idea and something I would like to do for our home - It would be great not only for upliftment, but for our family's scripture memorization too :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good spot for the chalk board.
    We all love you dearly Tiff,glad you are holding it together,he will be fine,and so will you.
    The scripture is perfect for this time.
    Love n hugs Laura xx

  3. Hi Tiff,
    It has been years since our boys left our home...but I still know how it felt.
    You are really doing great and going in the right directions. I like your chalkboard plan.


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