Thursday, September 6, 2012

Issues with Stuff....

I have issues. Stop laughing, I'm not talking about all my faults. I'm talking about issues with things, possessions, collections,  gifts.... STUFF!!

You see, I love to collect things, well, I used to love to. I'm now kind of over it. That's odd to say, but I really am. I'm tired of it. Making room in the house for things instead of us. Spending money on items that just sit there and serve no real purpose.  Problem is, I love the thrill of the hunt... finding that treasure for next to nothing and knowing it is worth something or discovering that elusive item that has been missing from your collection... you know the feeling, it's hard to just give that up.  But have been trying and doing better. I didn't even go to one yard sale, thrift shop, or antique store on our trip last weekend. I even avoided quilt and fabric shops(saw several of those as we drove).

So why the change in mind set you ask? Well, it's a couple of things. For one, I have been trying to simplify the house and change my style a bit... make cleaning easier and have a fresher lighter look. And the other reason, I really don't know what our future holds in the next year. I honestly don't know where we will be living. And the thought of packing all this crap up and moving it does not appeal to me and who's to say I will have room for it all.  So as much as I love to go to goodwill, the thought of bringing more stuff home just makes me sick.

But the real dilemma is, what do I do with it? I do like most of my stuff, but I don't like the look it creates.  That darn pinterest gives me too many ideas and looks that I want to try, I just don't have the space for all of it!!  What do you guys do?  If you have something you like, but you find something else you like in it's place(but still like the first thing). Do you get rid of the old to make room for the new or just pack it away?  Am I the only one who likes to change things so much.  Then I worry that I may want that old look back. I told you I have issues!   I really just want a house that is DONE and comfortable and doesn't consume me.  Maybe it's because I'm a stay at home mom(and I do stay at home most of the time) so I see these walls almost 24/7, it makes the house so much more of an issue for me.  I know so many people whose houses are just a place to go to, eat, and sleep at. They don't worry about what they look like.  But that just isn't me and I don't see that changing any time soon because I do enjoy making my house a home.  Yes, I know I am starting to ramble, sorry, I guess my mind feels as cluttered as my house does right now.

Ok, let's take a look at this collection to start with.  My egg stuff.  I like it, but I'm over it and it takes up my whole hutch in my kitchen. None of it serves a purpose other than to take up space and fill your visual view.  I could store pretty white dishes on those shelves that we would actually use.  BUT, I feel like I'm stuck with this stuff because my dad bought most of it for me.  I guess if I had more display space it wouldn't bother me so much. And I do like the look of the items, it's just with 9 people in this house I feel like the space is taken up by too much stuff(can I use that word any more!).
 I did pare down my copper collection last year, but in reality it could all go and I probably wouldn't miss it. But then I feel like I should keep it because some of it I have had since I got married and some of it was gifts.
 Wooden kitchen utensils, again, WHY?  Why do we collect things?
 Cake stands and plates, a major downfall of mine. I have lots(not all our in this picture). They are all over the kitchen, from 10 or so lining the walls on top the kitchen cupboards, to cupboards full of them, to several on the kitchen counter. But I only use one or two!!!   I always think one day I will have a grand tea party or when my girls get married I will use them.  So for maybe 3 days they will get used, but the rest of the time they will just sit there. Sounds legit right?(did I really just type that?)
 Baskets.  What can I say, I have always liked baskets.  I used to have tons, the numbers have shrunk, but still, these baskets aren't doing anything. They aren't holding things or hiding away stuff we need, again, they are just taking up visual space.
 This post is starting to sound a bit down and a tad bit neurotic, totally not my intention.  I'm just tired of stuff, but I don't know what to do with it because I'm not sure I can let it go yet.

I found this picture today on pinterest and I just love the look of it.  It's simple and clean but does still have some collectibles in it. But notice the architecture of the room? I think that's what makes the difference. The wide beadboard on the walls and the lip plate shelf around the room adds the character to the space so you don't need all the stuff.  And yes, I realize that my table couldn't look like that because we actually eat dinner at ours every night, but a smaller flower scape would work.
I don't know if this post accomplished anything with my issues with stuff, other than letting you all know that I have them!  But maybe I'm not alone out there and you have some pointers and advice on how to pare down on things and let go of stuff.

What's the word of the day.....  you got it......  Stuff!!!

Have a simple day,



  1. Oh Tiff you are a funny girl.You could open a good will shop all of your own.
    I'm a lot older than you Tiff and I (downloaded) a long time ago.You will know when the time is right.
    Love and hugs Laura xx

  2. I have big changes going on in my life right now....and with downsizing on the horizon, I am struggling with what to get rid of these next months....but I have to say, after hauling a few loads back to the Goodwill, it feels good to weed good that I am actually looking forward to round 2!!! I am going to start blogging about it soon, but right now I am feeling so overwhelmed.
    I also need to have WAY more energy and ambition that I have...your blogs inspire me. :)

  3. Good for you for wanting to simplify things. Do what you feel you can handle, and over time it will get better. And if you are not 100% certain on letting go of something, stew on it for awhile. I find when I take a few days or a couple weeks to think about something, it really helps.

    I've never been into collecting too much of any one thing. I like a little of this and a little of that. I'll never be the type of person that has 40 rolling pins in crocks in her kitchen. Although I just now thought of pumpkins. I do love them. So yes I do collect at least one thing, but it's seasonal, and I do weed out ones I'm not fond of anymore.

  4. I loved reading your post and as I am changing my look and minimizing my STUFF I can relate (pinterest has alot to answer for LOL) the things I have put away I am not ready to giveaway for sentimental reasons really but that is fine and I have packed them up and put them in the loft for now... I do feel A simpler and cleaner look is what I want and when I am ready my excess goods will go LOL.. Angi

  5. Pretty sure that a lot of us are thinking and doing the same wondering.."WHY do I need all this?" One option is if you are seriously thinking about moving within the year is pack up a LOT of it, and rent a small storage unit for a few months. If you store it all somewhere in the house or garage, you will know that you can switch it out at any time, but if you remember and actually want something enough to go unpack a box in's a keeper. If you don't need or miss any of it in that time, and haven't gone back to snag it, you can probably live without it and it may be time for that huge yardsale in the Spring! Just a thought.....

  6. I love that Pinterest dining room and the idea of going simple, but I can't part with treasures, most will go to my grand daughters one day!

  7. Thanks you gave me an idea for my baskets hang them..........

  8. Oh I so get where you are coming from. I stopped buying stuff a while ago though. There are just too many other things to pay for in life. When I think about downsizing my collections, I get depressed thinking about the money I spent to collect them so I keep them. I also do not like minimalism. Homes seem more cozy when they have things that are well loved. Your home looks cozy and inviting. I think you are probably right about being an at home mom and looking at it all the time.

    We also live in a culture of discontentment. The internet and magazines make us discontent rather than making us appreciate the things we have. We need to embrace gratefulness more often.

  9. I hear ya..In my house I have it decorated in my style which is primitive..If I see something I like I immediately think of what will go out because I like you don't need anymore stuff..Maybe a suggestion would be to have a home party and sell your stuff or if it's something your dad got you but a couple thing away for each of your children for when they have their home..Good Luck in what you decide..Have a wonderful week..

  10. I am a bit of a hoader of things...but when we moved here for years ago ..i purged 1/2 of everything we owned..we moved 2000kms and it cost money to ship it all so it made me really look at what I really love(all my gingham fabric came with me cause I adore it LOL) but I had a about 6 bags of fabric that i gave to goodwill..i do not miss any of why don't you pack it all up put it away and see how it feels to live without all your things around you for no less than 3 months..after that if you feel like you can live with out it all then move it on..I love all your copper ware

  11. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have always pretty much bought things very cheaply from yard sales, Salvy or at craft shows. It is not hard to weed out that stuff. The thing is, is that I love old stuff. Antique or vintage I love it all! That is stuff I can't part with.

    One thing that I find that helps, is when I decorate for the seasons, I put my everyday decor away in the plastic containers of the seasonal items. So after Autumn and Christmas decorating is past, I once more put up my everyday things and usually rearrange them in different ways or even in different rooms. This is also the time that I find myself not wanting items anymore and weed them out.

    Hope this helps some.

  12. Hello just loved this post on STUFF! I love to give things away, so maybe you could bless a new bride with some of your treasures. And I give some of my treasues as Christmas or Birthday gifts and wrap them in fabric or dolies. I wish I could say I am where I want to be with my STUFF, but really asking around to see if someone might need what you have a ton of is giving from your heart. Blessings, Roxy


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