Monday, July 1, 2013

A Light with History...

Happy first day of July everyone!! Have you started working on your Christmas presents yet?  I am determined to start making some this month, because before we know it, it will be December.

On to my new/old kitchen light....   Did I ever tell you about the two lighting fixtures that I found on Craigslist last year?  Well, to tell you or just refresh your memory, they ended up being sold by the owners of my old house! They were MINE to begin with :)  I had bought them from Irvin's tinware but left them with the house when we sold it.  I was so thrilled to get them back, even though I really didn't know where I was going to use them.

Yesterday, I finally decided where to put one of them(the other is a different style that would work with this one). I asked hubby to rewire it(something he is good at) and hang it over our kitchen table instead of the 6 arm chandelier.   I love how it turned out, much more farmhouse.
 There are actually two of these lights, but the homeowner hasn't decided to sell the other one yet. I really want him to, and we even stopped by on Saturday to ask if we could buy it(he said he had my email and would let me know :(  ) Irvins no longer sells this lamp :( :(   Don't you think it would look cute with two hanging over the table? Plus it would give more light(it is a bit dim).
 Another view.  Found a new setting on my camera, it works well for the bad lighting out this morning, gives it a warm antiquey glow.
 Oh, and I don't think I shared this lovely little plant stand that my dear friend Debbie gifted to me.  She saw that I pinned a similar one on pinterest and said she had one in her garage that she wasn't using. She had found it free on the side of the road.  It started out as a very 80's stained and shallaqued wood, so I just painted it white and then roughed it up. Love it now!!
 I found this little cupboard when my parents were here. It was at a farmhouse sale just over the hill from me. Already painted white, I just had to wash it up and hang it.  It is missing a door, but the woman told me she would look for it for me.   My only problem is that I don't know how to dress it. Any thoughts?  What should I put on it?  Child size kitchen things? A plant? Jars?  Any thoughts?
 And just another view of the lamp.  See in the background, the wall hook thingy? I took it down from the halfbath wall(where it had been for the last 6+ years, oh, I'm redoing that room a bit too) and moved it to this spot on the side of the fridge.  It works perfect for hanging my aprons and fills up that big blank space. It's the little details that make me happy, especially when they make a big difference to my eyes.
Have a beautiful day,



  1. Love your farm house kitchen. Very inspiring. I am loving all the bright white everyone is switching over to for decorating. Can't wait to see more.


  2. I covet your farmhouse table - and the light is a perfect addition. Hope they decide to sell the second one back to you!

  3. I love all of your changes! Your home looks warm and cozy.
    What a neat little story about your lighting. That is awesome.
    ps~ thanks for the info on bloglovin, it helped <3


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