Friday, July 26, 2013

We are So Crazy...

Last night hubby and I had a long talk about our trip out west... the end result.... we aren't going.  Don't worry, we are still going on a much needed vacation though.  After much discussion, we decided we didn't want to spend 75% of our vacation driving in the car, we want to have time to relax and have fun. Also, the fuel alone to California and back would have cost us $3500, not leaving much fun money for us. While we still want to head out west one day, we are going to wait until Mason is a bit older.

So, where are we going you ask?  We are heading south...

First stop will be a day in Virginia(Shenandoah Valley area).  After that we are heading to Pigeon Forge, TN and Dollywood!!  After that, Ruby Falls, TN.
 A one night stay in Georgia and then we are headed to Florida!!
We aren't doing the touristy Disney thing.... we are doing the summer in the sun thing. Beaches, pools, and nature parks. Plus I get to see family and friends.  We are staying at a brand new rv resort and I can't wait to just relax and lounge by the pool.(oh, and have to catch some lizards for the kids, they have never seen any)
 On our way home we are going to stay in Charleston, SC for a some history things.

Then we are headed to Schuyler, VA!!! Earl Hamner's home and the Walton museum(The Walton's is my favorite tv show).

 And our last stop will be at Mount Vernon. I have always wanted to go here.
So there you have it.  Ya, we are crazy like that and totally change a 3 week summer vacation 2 days before we leave on it :o

Anyone have any suggestions on neat things to do and see in these places?

Off to pack some more,



  1. I think that sounds much better than driving to CA. I would go stir crazy being in the car that long!
    Safe travels!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. ...and take lots of pics to share :)

  3. oh cool! I looove the Waltons too! How very awesome Tiff!

  4. Ooo! You're going to the Walton's home! And the museum too?! I'm totally excited for you!

  5. Oh, Tiff, you've made the best decision. The Shenandoah Mts. are gorgeous. I live in Virginia and it is a beautiful state.. So many things to see and do. If you like history, take a short trip from Mt. Vernon to Manassas (War between the states history)there.
    Enjoy every minute of your vacation.. You'll see places and things you won't forget.
    Have a safe trip.
    Charlotte in Va.

    I love Florida too, but it's HOT this time of the year.

  6. I'd love to go to Walton's mountain!!!

  7. Dearest Tiff,

    I think that staying closer to home is a very wise decision and it will be so fun for the children! I love the Walton's too and would love to visit their neat!

    So glad that your Marine spent time at home...I KNOW you miss him! We are going to Family Weekend to see our Soldier Boy soon...haven't seen him since May...I will need tissues!

    May I say that you are looking absolutely fabulous! Congrats on the weight loss!

    Well, I need to get back to my chores...

    Honey Hill Farm

  8. Seems actually like the totally sane thing to do. Your new vacation sounds lovely.

  9. If you're going to Pigeon Forge you're less than an hour from us! New blog: email me Tiff.

  10. You're going to have a great time in TN.
    Gatlinburg area is one of my favorites!
    Actually hoping to retire down there.
    Have fun!

  11. Look up the Natural Bridge in VA. It's a beautiful place!

  12. It doesn't matter where the roads take you ~ I'm sure you'll have fun finding new adventures. Enjoy your trip!!! Take lots of pics!!!
    We'll leave the light on for ya!
    Prim Blessings


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