Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pinned It Made It !!

I didn't work on the half bath yesterday, instead I decided to make a pinterest inspired project.

Here is my version of the "places you've been" map art.  Mine consists of places hubby and I lived as children, where we were born, and where we have lived together. It also has places we have traveled to in the camper....
 Here is the pinterest inspired work...
 So you can see that I did mine a bit differently.  I think the one above just has the heart maps tacked down somehow on the paper backboard and then is framed.  I used an old kitchen cabinet cutting board that I picked up at a barn sale. I whitewashed the inside area, leaving the natural wood as a frame. Then I used watered down glue to adhere my map pieces to the wood and then gave it two coats of watered down glue over the whole thing.
 And of course you can see that I didn't use hearts. I used my own house template for the places we have lived and my own camper template for the places we have been with the camper...

 And because my craft supplies can be a bit disorganized, I didn't want to chance losing the templates, so I taped them to the back of the board.
 I left extra space for more camper travels, but I will have to figure out the house thing if we happen to move again.
For now it is just hanging in the bathroom, but I'm not sure where it will end up permanently.
It was a fairly quick project, the longest part was just waiting for the paint and glue to dry.

Have a productive day,



  1. What a great idea Tiff - isn't Pinterest just the greatest? I think it might have been fun to use fabric behind the shapes and stitch through the paper with a sewing machine - I always like that look. Yours looks great and I like that you tweaked it to be all your own.

  2. That is just too cute and I love your version even more.


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