Saturday, July 6, 2013

Berry Baskets

Thank you for all the weight loss love :)

This morning hubby and I went to the barn sale right over the hill(she is having it once a month) to see if she found the door to the little white cupboard I bought. She didn't find it, so I will just enjoy the cupboard as is, or maybe I will make a new door for it.
Anyway, I did find some berry baskets she had.  I got 32 of the little baby ones, 5 of the larger ones, and one square(to replace the one that got crushed in the set that goes with my wood basket carrier).  Some of them I will use for craft storage and maybe some I will dress up and sell. They all need a good scrubbing before I can bring them in the house.

 Here is my wood carrier. I used to have wool stored in it, but I have since gotten rid of all my wool so I need to find a new use for it and a new spot for it. It's not little, so finding where to put it isn't easy.
Have a lovely weekend,


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  1. what a fun berry trug - great that you found another basket to replace the one that got crushed.


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