Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My New House...

OK, so it's not new and it's a doll house, but it's still mine and I love it!!  I think I have mentioned before that strange phenomenon that happens to me where I just know I need to go to Goodwill ;)  Well, it happened again on Sunday.  So my youngest daughter and I went to town and this was the first thing I saw when I went into the store. I immediately grabbed it and put it in my cart before even looking at the price.  Then I looked at the price tag. I was kind of expecting a big number because their prices have been going up, especially on things they know are old or vintage. However.... I was very pleasantly surprised to see it priced at $9.99 !!!  WOO HOOO!!!  I did good right?  I really know nothing about these houses, other than what I have seen on line and blogs. I've never seen one in person. It's a Key Stone Boston house(that's what it says on the side) and from what I have gathered so far, it is from 1947 or 48.
It's far from perfect condition....missing the chimney, the windows, and the staircase. Plus some chips from the roof and the front door is a replacement. But hey, it's an old house and they always need some work, right?  I think I will fix this little beauty up and may have the beginning of a lovely new collection.

 I love all the detailed graphics...

See, the front door needs some help...

Now, my favorite part... let's take a look inside.

The kitchen.. look at that border.

The front entry...

The family how the whole house is faux wall papered.

Even decor over the fireplace!

An upstairs bedroom...pretty blue.

Upstairs hallway, with doors.

An the other bedroom... a perfect little boy's room or maybe a bathroom.
Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to put it. I don't want to hide it away, but I'm not sure where it will fit.  If you collect doll houses, where do you display them?
Oh, and I found 6 green depression glass sandwich plates too. I'm gathering a hodge podge collection of green glassware that we use on Christmas day. (also found some things for the camper that I will share later)

Have a great day,

ps.  Anyone else noticing problems with blogger? It's taking forever for blogger to show a new post, like it isn't recognizing that I posted, even though it is there.


  1. What a steal, it's darling!!! Can't wait to see where you display it! Have fun with it, I love the detail, so cute!!

  2. Neat find!!! I remember having a doll house like that ~ the outside was different though and we had plastic furniture to decorate the inside. I saw one at an antique shop once exactly like the one I had complete with the furniture and they wanted almost $300.00 for it. It probably was mine!
    Enjoy your new little house!!!
    Prim Blessings

  3. What a steal! This keystone dollhouse certainly would go for quite a bit more on ebay or in an antique store. How fun that you were able to rescue it. Imagine the possibilities of decorating it for Christmas! I hate to admit how many vintage dollhouses I own. I have 2 on permanent display in the living room and four more in my craft room. It's a wonderful addiction!!


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