Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm sharing another one of my collections with you because I can't take pics of the finished rooms/projects yet, as I'm not done. Hubby and I totally rearranged the family room the other day, every stitch of furniture got moved sans one dried sink. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the little stuff but I'm really liking the new configuration of the room. And yes, I will take pics and share them when I'm done.

For now, you can see my crock collection. Some are new and some are old. Here is the hoosier, which I moved and put all my smaller crocks on in the family room...

Two crocks that hold plants, one new, one old.
And two more old crocks that I put plants in.

This in one that sits on my front porch, it's from Bangor, Maine.

And another one on my front porch. This is my most recent purchase from a yard sale this summer. The only reason the old man sold it was because it had a crack in it and could no longer hold his pickles. But I'm pay $10 for a cracked crock:)

Here is a big 10 gallon crock that sits in front of my fireplace right now holding fall foliage.

And another 10 gallon one, this one just sits next to the hoosier.

I just realized I have one more 3 gallon crock that I didn't get a pic of because it's sitting on my kitchen table right now with a plant in it waiting to find a new place to go after the family room redo. Anyway, I'm not sure why I like or collect crocks, I guess they just catch my eye.
Have a terrific day!


  1. I like crocks too Tiff, but I don't have too many with the numbers or pictures on them - they seem to run too much money where I live. But I still enjoy the plain ones. You have a really nice collection!

  2. I love your crocks. I only have two. They both belonged to my grandmother and she used them regularly while my mom was growing up. I wish more from her had lasted. Great post.


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