Monday, October 19, 2009

GW Finds + Beginning of My Sewing Room....

Did I mention that I LOVE Goodwill?! Rarely does the store disappoint me. And because it is only 2 minutes from my house, I can check it often.

Here are some finds from this past week. The first is a huge firkin, it's not very old, probably from the 70's and I think it was a magazine rack, but I can soon remedy that with some fixing and some paint. Then I found a big basket, that I will use for storage in my sewing room. Also in the pic is a long wall basket(already a nice color, will just need some aging) and a bouquet of something? they are fake wheat like things and I thought they would look neat in the wall basket.

Then I found these bright orange sheer curtains. No, I didn't lose my mind and No, they will not be hanging from any windows in my home. BUT, they will turn into very neat Halloween aprons! And I found another baby clothes pattern, I can't resist them. I just need to find the time to sew for this baby! And last I found three window valances in a heavy weight cotton canvas material. I loved the print on them and couldn't resist them. They will be turned into something baby related, maybe a tote bag or something.

I think I mentioned on here that I am getting my sewing room back, YAY! It is a big work in progress right now and I'm taking my time moving in so that I can put everything away right where it belongs. My first step was my wool, got it all stacked a color organized. The shelving is very industrial, but it works for now, and I do plan on covering it in the future.

I have to get back to painting, I'm working on that white dresser right now. I finally figured out where to put it and hopefully tomorrow I can share that with you all.
Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. That's quite an impressive and organized stash of wool.

  2. Oh MY! I'm drooling over your stash of wool! Very, very nice!

  3. Hi...awhile ago you mentioned a sale you were having in Nov...I live a bit South of you...what is the date for the sale...I'm hoping I am free that weekend.

  4. my post is the at this blogger thing


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