Tuesday, October 6, 2009

House pics...

Here is the continuation of my post from of my home. Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pics, I don't know what is wrong with my camera, other than the batteries were dying. I have since changed them, but I'm feeling too lazy to retake all the pics :( And I'm still trying to figure out the whole blogger layout and putting pics in posts.
The first one is of the eating area in my kitchen.

Here is a side cupboard area in my kitchen.
Then we move on to the front hallway. These gals I bought years ago off of ebay from smiling goat primitives.

The dog kennel by the front door, my dad made it to fit over the metal crate.

Side table in the hall.

The opposite corner of the dog kennel, my collection of American flags. They used to reside in my kitchen but I recently moved them here.

On to the family room. We have a long narrow family room, so it is split up by the fireplace at one end and the tv and couch on the other. I didn't bother to take a pic of my massive leather sofa or the matching recliners because I don't think they look prim, but they are functional for us at this point in our lives. Here is my fireplace. I gathered my crows from around the room and placed them on the mantel for Halloween.

Another view of this end of the room.

This vintage baby bed is slowly turning into a napping bed for the new baby. It started off with white chippy paint which we power washed and sanded away. Then addd a new coat of green paint which was way too bright, we then repainted it is a much calmer green which you see now. I'm going to make a bed skirt for it and patchwork bedding. The toys that are in it right now I recently made.

This is a "married" hutch on the wall by my tv in the family room. The bottom dresser was given to me by my mom and the top was found at a junk store for $10. Sorry for the crooked pic.

This wall is opposite the baby bed side, by the fireplace. Below this is my treddle sewing maching that my real machine sits on for now, until I get my sewing room back. And yes, the picture frames are empty, I haven't found the right pics for them yet.

Another view, you can see my hoosier in the background.

Closer view of the hoosier.

This is the opposite end of the room from the fireplace, it faces the front of my house.

This is the same wall, a small wash stand that sits next to the sofa. Eek, bad blurry pic.

This is back by the fireplace. You can't see the whole thing, but it is a tin front pie safe.

This shelf hangs above the tv.

And last pic, this wood doll house sits on the other side of the Tv for now. I bought this summer at a new junk shop for $10. It's all handmade and really neat inside. I plan on repainting it and doind the whole interior in very authentic colonial primitive. It will be my "dream house" :)
That's all for now.
Have a lovely day,


  1. I love your pictures! Your home is beautiful! I look forward to future posts from you! :) I love your floor cloths by the way.. do you sell them?

  2. Hi, it's Michele (room4more) from LOK.

    I love your house!! You need to come help me with mine....I'm challenged like! How do you keep the kids from undoing all that decorating???

  3. Hi Tiff,
    Glad you are back! I just LOVE your home.


  4. Your home is just beautiful. I was going to ask the same thing as do you keep it clean and things all in order - don't they play with all the pretties sitting around?

    Not sure if you do, but you should have all your home pictures on PictureTrail for all to see. It's gorgeous.


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