Friday, October 9, 2009

Day at the Fair...

On Friday we headed to the famous Fryeburg Fair(well, it's famous in these parts). Surprisingly, we had never been before, but I had always heard so much about it and how wonderful it is. I must had some very romantic visions of fairs, because to say I was disappointed would be a massive understatement. Maybe I'm just not a fair type of person, but I really expected more from it, or at least more of an old fashioned flair, not so carney. I didn't take pics of the massive amounts of tents full of junk(scam wows, squeegies, imported mass produced crafts, etc.) because I just saw no point. Plus, there were so many carnival rides, it was insane. I'm not a fan of the rides to begin with, I don't think they are that safe, but I did let the kids go on a couple(not the roller coasters or the big upside down spinning ones). Plus, I couldn't afford to let them go on more than a couple, the little rides cost $4 a ride!!! That is insane! So what did I take pics of? Mostly the animals, my kids, and some wagons. The craft entries were OK, but nothing was inspiring, the quilts weren't my taste but there were a couple nice penny rugs.

Here we go... WARNING... this is a heavy picture post....

My four youngest munchkins in front of the winning pumpkins.

All my munchkins....

A very ornate Romanian Gypsy wagon. This was very impressive in person.

A horse drawn hearse.

An old fashioned version of a wagon for my family, lol! We would need the three rows.

I wanted this hay wagon for my front yard. I could just picture it full of pumpkins.

They had harness racing going on too, but we aren't gamblers.

Here is my youngest enjoying a ride.

And two more of my munchkins having fun.

Going for a helicopter ride.

And now for the animals... We saw Geese...


Miniature donkeys....

Miniature horses....


Sheep...these naked ones had just been sheered.

I thought this brown one was the cutest.

A very inquisitive sheep.

Then came the pulling and draft horses....

I can not get in pictures how massive these creatures were, the tops of their heads had to be close to 9 ft high.

And my most favorite animals, the cows....

I thought this breed was neat, take a close look at the spots...

Look how they are outlined...

The kids liked the jewelry...

This cow they found "creepy" as my 3yr old put it, it kept watching them and it's eyes would bulge out.

Again, pics do not give the size of these creatures justice, their back sides were as tall as my hubby and me. I guess I'm not a farm girl, because I didn't realize how big cows are.

Here is the youngest cow we saw.

And this is my favorite, I think it had the sweetest looking face.

We couldn't afford to indulge in too much fair food, again, the prices were insane. $5 for an elephant ear(we got 2 for the family to share). But we did splurge on these jumbo doughnuts, they were $4 a piece, but oh so yummy.

On the walk out of the fair, my youngest munchkin fell asleep sitting up in the wagon.

So I know I sounded a bit negative about this fair, I guess it just wasn't me and maybe I had imagined it to be so much more in my old fashioned mind. At least I can say we have been and we don't need to go again. To be honest, I would have rather spent the time and money at the thrift and antique shops we saw on the drive home. Oh well, live and learn :)
Until next time,


  1. Hi Tiff,
    Sorry the fair was disappointing. I feel the same way!! We went with the family to the Topsfield fair. way too much money!!!! Very disappointing,
    Enjoy the day, janie

  2. Hi Tiff, Loved the picture of your son cute!! I'm glad I ran into you last Friday. Thanks for telling me about your it and am now a follower. I also took the step and started my own blog..."needle, nails and lawn sale finds". I want to show people how you can recycle, reuse and repurpose. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. My kids would love that. We dont have a local fair, but we are about 30-45 min from our State Fair. I have to convince DH to do this year!


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