Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiny pumpkin and a Collection...

I thought I would share one of my favorite and inexpensive collections with you. It's my cookie cutters :) I'm not sure why I collect them, something just draws me to them. For most of the year, they just sit in jars, bowls, and dish baskets, but at Christmas, I decorate a whole tree with them. It started with the vintage solid tin ones, then grew to include the clear red plastic HRM ones, and I also will pick up the thin metal ones too. I won't pay a lot for a cookie cutter, in fact I rarely by them one at a time, usually I picked them up in bags at GW or yard sales for 50cents or a dollar a bag. Of course along with the good ones come the rejects or should I say the ones that I don't really care for. But I even started to keep some of those, the solid red ones, some are vintage(the deep dark red) and some are more recent(say from my childhood)(the brighter red ones). HRM also sells new sets, but I have yet to buy any, I like the thrill of the hunt too much :)

So here is my collection, starting with some wood handle ones mixed in with the thin metal cutters.

And here are the "rejects", I can't bare to part with, so they reside on top my cupboards in mixing bowls. I figure one day, when my kids start their own households, I can send them off with their own start to cookie cutter collections.
Close up of the solid tin ones.

Close up of the HRM ones.

Jars on the counter of cookie cutters.

And last but not least is the cutest thing that came out of our garden this year. It was the sole jack be little pumpkin that grew. And little it is, I have never seen such a perfect tiny pumpkin. I don't think the pic does it justice of how little it is, but that is a standard votive candle next to it. My youngest son calls it his baby and just loves it.

Have a delightful day!!


  1. Tiff - I'm SO excited to see that you're posting again! I've added you to my favorites and signed up to follow your blog. Yay! Happy day for me!

  2. Ha! You can't do "not picture heavy" posts! My mom and I collect cookie cutter too. Are those Aunt Jemima syrup bottles? That's an interesting thing to collect too.

  3. That is the cutest little pumpkin! We got several this year, but they ripened back in the summer and already rotted!

  4. Holy Moly you have a wonderful collection of cookie cutters...I really like how you have displayed too.


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