Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Working and another Collection...

So the sewing room is taking longer than I thought. Mainly because I keep moving things in other parts of the house right along with working on the sewing room. As you can see in the pic below, I took the "crock hutch" and moved it in my new room for more storage. That then required me to find a new home for all my crocks, which I did and will show you in a later post. And I'm still not quite done with the little dresser(new knobs are on but not painted yet).

And I thought I would share my gray enamelware collection, it's not a huge collection, but it's steadily growing. Here is my latest acquisition, my largest tub yet and I got it for a great price at a local store (Tinsel Bright if anyone is interested, they have lots of antique prims right along with shabby chic, classic, and new stuff).
And here are four more smaller pots and tubs hanging on the wall. It's all in my mudroom.

A few pieces on top of a hutch.

And one piece that actually gets put to use, a deep tub that we fill with soccer stuff.

I have some more pieces in the basement that I need to bring up, but that is just one more thing on my list of many that I need to do!
Have a great day,


  1. Tiff - Your fabric looks lovely folded so neatly on those shelves! Good job! And your grey graniteware is wonderful - you have quite a collection! I have some basins & pitchers in one of my bathrooms - I'll have to share pictures some day too!


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