Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brotherly Love 3...

Another Sweet Shot Tuesday and the last in my theme of brotherly love. My youngest daughter and I made a quick trip to GW yesterday afternoon and we found this Radio Flyer tricycle for $5.99. We knew my 3yr old would love it and it turns out we were right:) We washed it up, used ketchup and tin foil on the rusty chrome parts and it was good to go. Of course he couldn't wait to try it out, so even though they were already bathed and in their jammies, we ended out on the driveway taking it for a test spin. He even shared it with his brothers and let them go along for a ride.

Here are my 6 yr old and 3yr old sons....
And I thought the striped jammies on these two looked cute in black and white, so here is m 9yr old with my 3yr old.
And the proud new trike owner...
I found a few other great finds at gw, which I will share with you tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day,



  1. Those outfits are awesome in black and white! They remind me of old jail outfits - not that I know from experience or anything. :o)

  2. Oh Tiff how perfect! These bikes last forever it seems and now it has a new owner.
    Love the photos kiddo.

    Hmmmm....Ketchup and tinfoil...never heard of this for fixing problem areas...what's up with does it work?


  3. Okay I am with Karen in asking Ketchup and tinfoil? Do tell. I love the photos. Being in black and white, they look so professional. Have a good day.

  4. I wanna know too about the ketchup and tin foil! Cute pajamas.

  5. Great shot! Brings back wonderful memories of riding a trike as a kid (except for the time I tipped over and knocked out my front teeth on the sidewalk...), but even better seeing siblings enjoying each other!

  6. too cute! And the pajamas are fabulous!

  7. those are certainly happy customers...:) great photos..thanks for sharing.;)

  8. the matching jammies are the best and they look so cute in black and white! Great capture... although they do resemble jail breakers? LOL! Just kidding!I totally love this

  9. What a great find at GW! Brings back memories of playing with my sister on ours!

  10. Love the striped jammies! They look really sharp in black and white. Nice job.


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