Friday, April 9, 2010

Hallway Corner...

Thank you for the suggestions for my decorating dilemma. Here is what I have come up with for now, I seem to have a bit of decorator's block, so while I'm not thrilled with this, it will have to do. I'm also struggling with style dilemmas. I love the pure primitive look, but I don't have all the stuff to make that work. But I also like the "just old fashioned" look, like Road to Avonlea or Little House on the Prairie, which I have some of. So I tend to have a mix of both. Which I guess is fine, I just need to go with the stuff I love and not worry about it, right? It's my own style. Ok, so I'm really just justifying things in my own head right now, sorry for the rambling. Now on to the pics...

Here is the view walking up the stairs. I ended up stealing the table from my bedroom, it was the only one in the house that really fit the space....
I framed two samplers that I made a few years ago and hung them on the walls, added a cheap little tin light from The Christmas Tree Shop, a tin pitcher of flowers, a crocheted long doily a friend made me,and a wood silverware tray...
Here is a view with the overhead lights on...
Lights off..

Closer view of the samplers. They are not framed properly, but it works and looks old. The one on the right is in a nice old oak frame I got at a yard sale and the one on the left is just on fabric that I put in an inexpensive frame(I'm going to look or another Oak one at sales this summer). Actually, getting these up and on the walls finally has me inspired to make another sampler, maybe that will be my next evening project.
And I know some of you suggested putting family pics on the walls, but as you can see in this pic, another wall in the hallway is reserved for that:) That's Phoebe walking by...
I hope it stops raining by tomorrow, I have a lot to get done outside.

Have a terrific weekend,


Ps, Mason had his 2month check up today, where has the time gone?! Anyway, he is doing great and getting to be a big boy. His Dr just kept holding him and saying how cute and perfect he is, which of course we think so too!! Poor little guy got three shots though and was not a happy camper.


  1. your hallway looks just perfect.

  2. I love the table and the little lamp will be the perfect nightlight. I wouldn't change a thing about the corner. I know what you mean about the "old fashioned" look. To me it's a comfortable look.

  3. Yep, you have to do what you love best and use what you have on hand! That's what makes it yours. Your hallway corner is wonderful!

  4. I decided a while back that "rules" imposed by magazines and decorating shows are ridiculous. Your home is for you and YOUR family. No one but you should decide how to decorate it. I buy what I love and it usually always works perfectly. I got sick to death of watching shows criticise what they thought was out of style. Your home is amazing, you obviously know how to make a cozy home for your family.

  5. Hey Tiff, your little table looks puurrffeeccttt!!! I love for your style you love prim and little house on the prairie was certainly prim..I think the avonlea and all of will work perfectly together and the fact that it is your style and you can put your personality will be fine..My little sister had her baby boy on the 19th of march..he is beautiful..he is 3 weeks now..I am making her a bunch of stuff and hope to get it all done soon..have a great weekend and thanks for letting us see what you did.:)

  6. I think your hallway corner is beautiful. You just have a knack of decorationg. Very nice!

  7. Looks great to me, and its YOU, thats whats important, I like it!!!!

  8. You did a wonderful job Tiff, I absolutely love what you did - its is a perfect old fashioned look! I think we all have mixtures of things we love we don't have to be 100% one style - I love the lamp, its beautiful!


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