Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Toys and Saturday project...

I finished 2 of the 4 little creatures I am making for the kid's Easter baskets, one is some type of bird and the other is supposed to be a lamb. I'm also making an elephant(you can see him sitting there waiting to be sewed) and a taggy monster for the baby.

And then, hubby is going to love that he has to do this project tomorrow. I know it's hard to see, but that is picket fencing on top my car, the 3yr old and the baby and I got it at Lowes this morning. We are taking down the twig fence and replacing it with a hip high wood picket fence, for more of a cottage look outside.
And I couldn't leave you without some Mason pics....

Despite his yawn, he really does enjoy his new gym.
Have a lovely Easter Sunday everyone,



  1. Happy Easter Tiff to you and your family!

  2. I just love the baby pics. Feel free to share ore anytime. The top photo shows your smile. Also you will have to tell me where you found the toy patterns.....too cute.

  3. Besure to take before and after photos of your fence..I love!!! picket the little stuffed animals you are making..what type of fabric is it? Mason is getting so big...:) have a very happy Easter as well.:)

  4. I don't know how you find time to decorate and sew, but I'm glad you do. Everything is always so nice on your blog. Have a wonderful Easter weekend with all your family.

  5. Okay, you totally make me feel like a complete failure as a mother!!!! I have NEVER made my kids their toys, actually, I have NEVER EVER sewn anything since grade 10 home economics class. You amaze me. Are you a Mormon? Cuz every blog I read where the woman is totally creative and put together, they are Mormons. LOL, maybe I should use being Pentecostal as my excuse...LOL!!! Your boy is changing so much already. He is a living doll. Happy Easter!


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