Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picket Fence and Kitchen Chairs...

We worked in the yard again this weekend. Pulled a ton of weeds from the flower beds, painted the new fence, replanted some plants, added some dirt, stirred up the mulch, and cleaned out the garage. Here are some pics of the new fence surrounding my front door vegetable garden(which won't get planted until May)...

And my 16 yr old painted my kitchen chairs for me. Yes, they are red and No, I'm not crazy. I wanted a change and some color in my kitchen. I think they will look nice when my dad redoes my kitchen table for me. He is going to redo the top and make it look like an old farm table with pine boards. And thank you to Andy for the inspiration for the chairs, she has the same ones but painted hers black. I had never thought about painting mine until I saw hers.
Have a lovely day,



  1. LOVE the red chairs!! Your picket fence looks great around your garden. I see you do yours in the wood "boxes". That's what I was telling my husband I wanted to do this year. I'm thinking it will keep everything neater?? Have you always gardened like this?? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Can you tell me what size boxes are yours and what they are made out of please?? Thanks!


  2. I absolutely adore red chairs. Actually I adore shoes, red dishes, red pickups, red cowboy boots, name it and I probably love it in red except my balance book. I have to keep it in the black! Your garden is classic looking it could be from a movie!

  3. I love the red chairs too and that fence is just what I'd love to have!

  4. Your fence looks great. I love the peak of your home behind it. I want to see more!
    Great color choice for the chairs. I would love to paint mine but hubby would probably have a heart attack if I did. Please show us pics when you get the chairs back in the kitchen.

  5. Tiff, your red chairs are gorgeous!!! A pop of color is so great! Make sure you take a pic of your chairs and table together I bet it will look gorgeous! You have inspired me in so many ways, glad my chairs inspired you :)

  6. Love the fence! And, the chairs!

  7. Hi Tiff~ I'm new to your blog and just had to say hi and tell you I have the same chairs that I painted black also.... Primitve minds think alike I guess! :) Beautiful blog!


  8. I'm lovin those chairs. Would be a perfect fit in my house and Rednesday post! Adore the white picket fence. A dream of mine to add to our home.

  9. Tiff, I love the red chairs...great 'pop' of color! Do you mind telling how you did them? I want to paint a newer rocking chair but wasn't sure what kind of paint to use.

  10. I just recently came across your blog and LOVE it! I don’t often comment on people’s blogs so I’m not sure how to do it other than anonymously. Anyway, I was hoping you could write a post about your technique for painting/distressing furniture. Do you use an electric hand sander? Do you use primer? What type of paint do you typically use? I assume spray for the kitchen chairs but what about for a dresser/table etc.? Do you prefer a certain brand? Oil/latex/flat etc.? I have several painting projects awaiting me in my basement and don’t really know where to begin. Any insight you have to make it a little easier would be appreciated. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


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