Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thrifting With Mom Part 2....

This day of junking happened by total accident and was a result of a miscommunication. I thought my mom wanted to go back to a junk store that we had been to the day before, but my mom thought we were heading to a yard sale we had seen the day before. My wrong way led us by a house that had a gentleman carrying a white dressing table to the curb. My mom yells "Turn around quick!!"(I get my junking spirit from her), so I did. Turns out that the wife was there too and the couple was cleaning up the outside of their rental house. They said we could take whatever we wanted. So here is our haul....

A dozen or so garden tools. Which I put a few out as decor around my picket fence and the rest our going to get bird houses attached to them for my sale in November.

An old tool box, flour sifter, and miter box(all getting made over for my sale). Two big pots, which geraniums will be going into. A muffin pan and colander that my mom took. And a bog old basket that I have already spray painted in a pretty nutmeg color(I'm keeping it).
And of course the dressing table, which the drawer was filled with old sewing supplies, including a red painted wood sock darner. I was going to redo the table and put it in my youngest daughter's room, but she doesn't want it, so it will go to the sale after a makeover. Oh, and a blue glass canning jar.
So our little miscommunication turned out pretty well :) Oh, and we ended up going back for a 12' wood ladder and a pair of wood steps. My dad cut down the ladder for me and it's in my kitchen now(pics coming later) and the wood steps were redone and now are steps into the playground area. Have to love FREE!!!

Have a lovely day and stay tuned for more of our thrifting,



  1. How special. I would love to have a day like this with my momma! You two sound like you had a great time and very productive I might add.

  2. WOWSA...what a great haul :)


  3. You sure were at the right place at the right time! Lucky you and your Mom!!!

  4. oh Man you cleaned up!!!! I have never come across a haul like that and for free..;)

  5. Awesome finds! I would have taken every single thing you picked too!

  6. oooo Im jealous!~! Fantastic "stuff".... Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great finds! I found a very similar tool box at a yard sale for 2 bucks a few years back. It is my fave find. It sits in the middle of my kitchen table full of "needfuls" husband HATES it!!:)

    Nice that your mom loves the same things you do, wish mine was like that.

  8. What a wonderful wrong way turn! I can't even say what I like best because everything is great.

  9. I already told you that I was drooling but now I have to add that it was because you have a new good luck charm with you, little Mason, that you got so lucky. Fabulous finds. By the way I saw you and your folks over at Tinsel Bright, you look just like your dad. That was your Dad right?


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