Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifting With Mom Part 3....

Mom and I hit goodwill multiple times during their visit. Here are my treasures, my mom found plenty of her own but I don't have pics of hers.

This first pic is a cluttered with stuff, I was in the process of painting things and quickly cleaned off the table so we could eat and the mess ended up on the floor. Anyway, I got a wood basket, several wood candle holders, a wood spice/paper towel rack,and a small doll chair(all to be redone and for my sale). The little high chair is from another excursion months ago.

This pic shows a small basket, a box of vinatge chenille stems, a star candle holder, and 5 packs of basket making supplies and instructions.
I found a new oil lamp(never had been used, and will be great for when we lose power in the summer with thunderstorms) and this cute wood boat shelf(that is going to my friend Anatoli).
Lots of crocheted items...
A solid copper bowl for my collection(a steal at $2.99) and a Peterboro basket and casserole dish that is also a lazy susan, it still had the original tag on it(I will admit that I paid more than I should have for it, but I still think it was worth it, $19.99)
Went back another time and found another box of chenille stems(I love the box and the fact that they are made in the USA). Also found some stripped wool.
And last but not least, this hooked rug for $9.99. It was in an aweful dirty state. But after a night sitting with Borax all over it, then soaking it with rug cleaning and jet spraying with the hose, then sitting in the sun for 3 days, it is beautiful. This is a before shot, I will share an after shot later. I am amazed how after a good cleaning that the color came back, almost as good as the back of it looks and it smells totally fresh. I'm sure if it had been cleaned, they would have asked a lot more for it.
I still have a lot more to share from yard sales and junk shops. Right now I'm trying to put it all away and figure out what will be getting redone and such.

Have a great day,



  1. I can't wait to see the after of that rug. You got some great "finds"! Good for you!

  2. Beautiful rug! You sure found a lot of great things to make over.

  3. Oh boy, would I ever love to go shopping at your place...LOL. You have some really awesome pieces there...

  4. WOW Tiff, you have great thrift stores up your way! Thanks for sharing your "lost" story with me, I'm surprise to read so many have done the same thing! My bands are connected so I have to wear the whole set, getting caught on everything, but hopefully the stone will turn up!


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