Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am not going to show you the pics of this apron on me because even though I thought it looked cute in the mirror, when I saw the pics I was horrified. Let's just say that they were the type of pics that encourage you to diet!
Remember this chickie print I got from Mardens? I knew I wanted it for an apron and I finally got around to using it.

Anyway, here is an apron I made. I took the pattern from a vintage picture I saw of from the 1920's. I first made a muslin draft then went to my to chick fabric. The reverse side is a small buttery yellow gingham.

So the problem is, it is a pretty heavy apron(being sucha full and 2 fabrics thick) and I'm afraid to get it dirty! Plus, like I said, I'm not too happy how I actually look in it. What to do? I feel like I wasted a lot of fabric and I'm not sure I will ever wear it. Guess it was a learning experience.

Have a great day,



  1. What a cute apron Tiff! I like the way it crosses over in the back. I think one of my Jan Patek quilt books might have an apron pattern that is made similarly - I'll have to check. I've never understood how people can wear a half apron that ties around the waist - it's always my tummy that gets messy when I cook! LOL

  2. so cute Tiff!I still wear the apron you made me.have a great day!blessings michelle

  3. I think that's why I'm so hooked on half aprons, esp. the ones that flatter and not fatter us! lol

  4. Tiff ~
    Very cute ~ whether you wear it or not :)

  5. I love it. I think it is beautiful. It looks great hanging!

  6. Hi!!! I think it is soo cute!!! I love the little chicks!!! I also really love your header moose....everytime I see him at first I think it is a real moose...kind of a calm natural feeling!!! hugs

  7. Your apron is so very nice. A really great job. I really like it. I wear aprons a lot myself. I have never made one, but yours looks very attractive. It looks good hanging. You should enjoy it & wear it. Love the little chick print. Remind me of the chicks I am planning on getting some baby chicks soon. Blessings!


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