Monday, February 7, 2011

More Mason Sewing...

Mason's birthday is tomorrow and I realized that with hubby working in Boston and the kid's schedules that we probably won't have a party for him until Saturday. So he will wear his pants outfit and crown then, but he needed a special outfit for tomorrow too. I decided on a quick, warm, and comfy jumper outfit. Though, after seeing the outfit in the pic, I probably shouldn't have spent more than 10 minutes making it and lined up the dots on the front! Oh well, Mason won't care.
I used two of my wood buttons that Tonya, from Plain and Joyful Living sent me for the shoulder straps. I think they work well with all the polk a dots.
And here is the BIG blanket that I made for him. It came out a lot bigger than I had originally planned, but at least he won't out grow it and it will be perfect for snuggling up in on the couch. I did the back side in the two fleece prints.
And the front side is the two cotton prints. There isn't anything fancy about this blanket, it is just purely practical.
I do think I will make him a smaller blanket pet for the car though. So stayed tuned for that tomorrow.
Have a fantastic day,



  1. I am SO in awe of you!!! You can just whip these things up in no time! They are adorable.
    Have a good rest of the day!

  2. wow, Mason is a lucky little guy!!

    Happy Birthday , Mason.


  3. so so cute!I love that fabric and the other one and the crown you made are just adorable Tiff.I cant wait to see the pics of him in them.have a great week.blessings michelle

  4. Cute and snuggly outfits! I wanted to pop on here and tell you I love your Valentine for the Heart to Heart Swap! I have a back and forth squirrel thing going with my former roommate and I can not wait to send this to her! She is going to love it!

  5. My Mom used to make those pants for my them. You could always run a wide 'ribbon/binding'(whatever you call it) down the middle in the front and the mismatched seam would not even show!

    Happy Birthday, are a cutie!



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