Monday, February 21, 2011

With Cleaning comes Mess...

So I was doing a bit of surfing this morning and was on another blog and saw a candid shot of a spot of her home. It was real, not picture perfect, just a spot that is used, worked, and lived in. It made me think about how we just tend to share the "blog appropriate" pictures of our homes because the "after" and the "done" pictures are so pretty to look at. But if any of you are like me, sometimes all the pretty and perfect pictures can make me feel a tad bit envious or not happy. I know my house is not always spotless, I have 7 children, but I try to keep it nice because I NEED it that way. However, there are weeks like this, when I am in major rearranging mode and the house looks like this.... it won't stay this way for long, but with cleaning always comes a bit of MESS.... So I now timidly share with you my messy house pics...

The kitchen island, full of craft room stuff....(you can sneak a peak of the painted cupboards in the background)...

The front foyer, full of stuff that was in the unused portion of the family room, which is now becoming my craft area...
My craft room that is now becoming our eating area...(still have to figure out where to put all the book shelves!)
And the end of the family room that is becoming my craft area...
As you can see, I have a TON of work to do. And I didn't even tell you what I'm doing with the area in the kitchen where the dining table was! That's a surprise.

So there you have it. Some real photos of life in progress. Of course I'll share the pretty ones when it's all done.

Have a fantastic, real, day,



  1. Thanks for sharing...I agree it's nice to see other people's houses look like ours do most of the time instead of just the "perfect" way. Good luck with your cleaning/rearranging!

  2. I'll be doing the same soon but through the mess comes a new pretty calm! :)

  3. oh I can't wait to see what you are up too..cause i love your home already and to see you change stuff around is going to be exciting..chop, chop..;)have a great monday.:)

  4. Way to be real Tiff!!!! I am so totally right there with you!!! Today I don't happen to have a major mess going on, but there are plenty of little beginnings of a mess all around me....just hoping to tackle them before they tackle me. :)
    Just a thought about the bookshelves.....we moved a very large bookshelf into the hallway.....not sure if you have an option like that, but really....hallways are just for walking why not utilize the space to its fullest capacity. :)

  5. Thanks for the dose of real life Tiff!

    In the picture that includes your sewing machine, I'm admiring your fish tale swag curtains. I want to make some exactly like that for my dining room and kitchen. Did you make yours? If so, would you mind sharing with me some of the measurements etc....? I'm not sure what angle to cut the ends at to make them look right. And what kind of hooks did you hang them from?

  6. Oh my goodness. I cant wait to see the big reveal. My house always looks like the before photo. Oh well.

  7. Dearest Tiff,

    Thank you for this post. I know that I fall into the category of not taking pictures of less than perfect areas of my home for my blog.

    We all have days that we are cleaning or re-arranging things (I do it frequently!) and things are not very pleasant to look upon. I need to remember to post about those days once in awhile, so that those coming for a visit will know that I too am human!

    What a good reminder..I can't wait to see pictures when you are inspire me!

    Yours kindredly,
    Honey Hill Farm

  8. I am forever in transition in my house!! So nothing is ever neat....I dont have 7 kids but I do have two big furry dogs so thats a mess in itself! Thanks for sharing...cant wait to see your finished rooms.

  9. I was beginning to think you were super-human...It's nice to see your "messes" from time to time. You have a beautiful home and family and I have enjoyed reading your blog...finally am starting my own..I'm still learning how, but I will figure it out eventually...Keep up the great work 1


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