Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Chickens Arrived!!!!

No, not real ones, though I do have plans for those too. What did come in the mail was my order for my chicken family car decals. And I couldn't be more pleased. When we moved to Texas we bought our Suburban there and lots of people had the window decals on their cars. So we got the family decals. When we moved back to Maine(almost 5 years ago), no one had the stickers(at least here in our town), so we were literally the first ones to start it up here. Over time we saw more and more cars with them. I eventually got new decals for the Suburban(ones that showed us doing things, like mine was at a sewing machine).

So when we got the new van in December I knew I wanted stickers for it, but I did NOT want people ones again(I like to be different). I searched and searched for something that no one else had up here. And I finally found a site where she could customize what I wanted and here is the result....

Aren't they cute?!! The van windows are two smaller windows as compared to the one large one of the Suburban, so I wasn't sure how they would fit. But the baby chicks ended up being small enough to all fit on one window, plus there is still some space for more! Wouldn't it be cute to have a little egg on the end if I get pregnant again?(yes, I do want more children).

If you see a big black passenger van driving around with chickens on the back, you know who's it is!!

Have a great weekend,



  1. You crack me up! They are adorable, simply adorable!
    Congrats on your giveaway win. That was you, right?
    BTW~ I hate word verification!

  2. Those are so cute!! And were getting chickens real chickens again this spring, can't wait!!

  3. Well.....that is just too darn cute for words!


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