Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outfits are Done!...

It has been a flurry of crafting around here this weekend, hubby has even been involved. The boys are making Deluxe Valentine boxes for school and hubby helped with the electronics portion. I'll share the final products in a few days when they are done. In the meantime, here are two outfits that I made yesterday for Mason. I made the birthday crown today.

The first outfit is a pair of ultra soft fleece pants with a shirt that I appliqued some of the elephant fabric onto. I picked up the long sleeve Ts at Target on clearance for $3. They actually little girl shirts, but that's just because the collar was daintier and had a little trim. I liked them a lot more than the boys Ts though because the knit was a better quality and they didn't have a pocket on the chest. Plus, Mason is still a baby, why does he have to have that ugly thick wide neck band of a boy's shirt.
Closeup of the shirt and crown.
And this is more of a Spring outfit because the pants are made from the thinner cotton fabric and they are a bit too long for him right now. I did a different applique on this shirt.
I love making baby pants, they are so quick and easy and you really can't go wrong with the fit. This pattern was a 1981 pattern that I had picked up from goodwill, so simple.

Now I just need to work on his blanket.

Have a lovely day.



  1. Tiffany,
    Those turned out so cute! What a talent you have! He will look so cute in them. They always make the boys' things so plain and no style at all!
    Have a good day yourself!

  2. Oh Tiff, what an adorable outfit.
    Love the crown!!!!
    Great job,

  3. ADORABLE!!! You need a Etsy or Artfire shop, these would sell good! So cute!!

  4. You did a great job on these. Love that crown.
    I am now following you. Great blog!
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  5. Tiff ~
    How cute! Be sure to show us pictures of him wearing them!
    Hugs :)

  6. oh that little outfit is adorable..and I especially love the crown.;)

  7. So sweet! Love the crown.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Cute, cute, cute. Can't wait to see the picture of Mason with crown. Oh my goodness. Has it been a year all ready? My how time flies.


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