Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Picnic Blanket...

So this isn't very prim, but it does have a lot of calicos in it. I just couldn't resist this 70's crazy quilt at goodwill. And, yes, I did try not to buy it, I looked at, put it back on the shelf, circled the whole store, but it called me back! And I'm glad I bought it. Mason is too. The minute I brought it downstairs from the dryer, he took it over.
It's quite a colorful piece, but when you look at, the individual fabrics aren't really that bad, just a bit more yellow than I'm used to. But it will make a wonderful new picnic blanket.
Some of the prints close up. The back is a solid avocado green.
I also found some vintage trimmings. I love the flower trim and can't wait to think of something to use it on. It's all wrinkly because I washed it.
Yes, I did break my "no goodwill" resolution, but I didn't buy nic nacs for the house, just sewing stuff and a very practical blanket ;)

Have a wonderful day,


ps, still working on the house, in between dentist visits, we are they all week with cleanings, fillings, and xrays.


  1. Hey it will be a great picnic blanket - I swear I had some of those same fabrics in a tennis racket cover I had back in the 70's (my Mom made it - we used to joke we would be forever encased in "patchwork"

  2. The quilt is great & it looks like Mason is having lots of fun. Some of the fabric looks like fabric I started a block quilt out of scrap fabric left from clothing my mother made in the mid 70's. It was my first sewing project that my Gram taught me to use her sewing machine. I never finished it. Still in a box in my basement. It had lots of bright yellow too. Maybe I should go dig it out. LOL Blessings!

  3. I would have grabbed it too! It's very nice! Mason has good taste that's all!
    Have a great week.

  4. i am in love with that quilt blanket and all the wonderful sunny colors..what a great blanket for picnic-ing.;)

  5. Good deal on the new blanket/quilt!

    Thanks so much for the link to instructions for the fishtail swags. Question about hanging them: did you drape them over curved hooks? Or just a piece that sticks straight out from the wall?

  6. The quilt reminds me of Holly Hobby.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Very cool Picnic Blanket. It is really cute! I was reading your post. Do you live in Maine? What part. I used to live in Maine and went to USM.


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