Monday, February 14, 2011

Robot, Lion, and Skirt Oh My...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope your sweetie got you something sweet :) I got chocolates, YUM!!

I told you we were making several Valentine boxes for school, well, last night we finally finished the last two. My 4th grade son was having a contest in his class for the best box and he was determined to win. However, after having 2 other children go through this teacher, she knows me well, and she told him that I wasn't allowed to help him(much). Of course I took that as a challenge. I let him do the majority of the work and design and my hubby helped him with the electrical part(my my son did the saudering after hubby showed him how). He was very pleased with how it came out. The eyes light up and the when you push the heart on its chest a buzzer goes off.

I went in with him to his class this morning to help him carry things, and all the kids loved it.
And now for my challenge part. Since she wouldn't let me make his, I HAD to make her a Valentine box. She loves lions, so I thought a pink lion would be perfect. I used a large Tide container for the body and papermached the rest. Then fabric for the mane and tail.
He is toothless because he ate too much candy!

She loved it and now has one more lion for her collection.
Then my youngest daughter wanted me to make her a Valentine's outfit to wear to school today. I took an old pair of jeans and a torn chenille bedspread and made her a skirt. I think it turned out pretty cute. The hearts are just safety pinned on for today, that way it's not committed to being a Valentine skirt. She wore it with a red top with hearts on it and looked really cute.

We then made heart tiaras for her and the boy's teachers.
And I know you all want to see kitchen pics, but it's not ready yet, because I thought of a whole other thing I want to do and it is going to take winter vacation to get it all done. But I'm so excited about the new use of space and I promise to share pics the minute it is done.

Have a LOVEly day,



  1. Oh my, those are awesome! LOVE the robot & the lion is adorable!! We made Capri Sun valentine's for my kids classes. I blogged about them today. They wear uniforms so no fun outfits :(

  2. My goodness your creative!!!!
    Happy Valentines Day to you too!


    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. man Tiff I don't know where you find the time..and these are absolutely everything..hope the kids had a great day today;)

  4. Too cute! I love it! The skirt is great!
    Have a good night.

  5. I love the skirt. I bet she looked so cute. But where is a photo of the youngest for valentine's day? I am sure Mason had something cute. Stay warm.

  6. Love reading your posts,all the wonderful things you do ,with and for your children.takes me back to when my two girls were little,both very grown up now,27 and 32. Have a happy


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