Sunday, August 25, 2013

$7 Outside Light Makeover...

I've been wanting to change my 4 front outside light fixtures since the day we moved in 7 years ago... but they were never that hideous, they  functioned fine, and I never wanted to spend the money on nicer ones.  Until this weekend when we were at Lowes getting a part for the master bedroom toilet that needed fixing... I decided it was time for a quick update. One $7 can of Rustoleum black hammered finish spray paint did all four lights.  
Here's the before...  not even sure what color they are/were(a faded out greenish)...
 Another before....

And after 15 minutes of work(per light), here's the after....(washed the glass too)
 And another after... These are the lights by the garage doors.

Here is the before of the lights by the front door(let's not discuss the cobwebs, I really need to scrub this whole area)...
 Another before....

And the after....
 Better, right?  I'm happy with how they came out and for the price and easiness of the project, I say it was a total success.
I did see some lights at Lowes that I really liked, but they were $80 a piece, which would be $320 to redo all four, so for the $7 I spent, I can live with my lights for awhile longer :)
Oh, and if you are wondering, I didn't take the lights down to do them. I took off the tops, removed the glass and the bulbs, taped off the sides and put butcher paper all around the lights, and then spray painted. It worked like a charm, was easy, and took a lot less time than I thought it would.

It's a busy week ahead, school starts and lots to get done.



  1. Great idea! It looks so good!
    The little things like that that
    make us love our homes again.

  2. Your lights look great! I really didn't think they looked bad before, but painted black they are wonderful.... Great job!

  3. The lights do look great! I love some of the neat paints and colors that Rustolium offers now. I am trying to choose one for my faded green patio furniture.
    I was lucky enough to find some lantern looking lights at a garage sale several years back to replace the 70's ones that our house came with. The gal was getting rid of them because "they were to hard to clean"...I told her don't worry, that won't be an issue at my house (you're supposed to clean those?!).
    As for the cobwebs...Halloween is coming so no worries lol!


  4. Great idea and they look brand new !!


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