Saturday, August 3, 2013

Visiting a Blog Friend and Her Family...

On Friday we drove over a few towns from Pigeon Forge to meet with a blog friend and her family. Paris and her family were so kind to invite us all over for lunch despite having just moved into their new home 3 weeks ago.  They were all so welcoming and friendly.  They have 10 children and you have never met a group of kids who were more polite, well behaved, and hardworking. You can see and feel what a close and loving family they are.
Here is a pic of Paris and myself(she's holding my hand down so I don't give her bunny ears!). In the background are two of her lovely daughters.(and Paris, you look great in the picture!)
 This is their new home. They got a wonderful deal on a historic home that they are going to restore. In just the three weeks they have been there, they have already done quite a bit and discovered so much of the history of the home.  If you want to follow along on their journey, she has started a brand new blog about it...
North of Bay's Mountain
  All the children played outside as we chatted inside.  I took pictures of her 3yr old little boy, Asa, and Mason playing together but somehow those pictures and the pictures I took of all the kids together disappeared from my memory card. My camera has really been frustrating me lately, this isn't the first time this has happened. So, unfortunately I don't have many pictures to share.
I did get this one of Mason with a lizard. He thought is was neat how he climbed on his shirt.  Eventually, the lizard's tail came off and Mason was totally amazed by that and had to keep telling everyone about it.  He will probably talk about it for days.
I can't thank Paris and her husband Gill enough for being so gracious and welcoming a bunch of strangers into their home. We had a lovely day.  I wished we lived near each other because it was amazing how similar we are with our feelings and views. I know we would have so much fun together.  I hope one day that they can come visit us in Maine.

Keep blogging everyone, it's great to make new friends,



  1. How fun! Wow..Paris and Gill are very adventurous!! I will enjoy following their progress. :)

  2. It's funny what you said about our children because it's almost verbatim what I said about yours. ;-) I have rarely met another family who thought the way we do about so many things, I wish you lived closer too. Actually Tiff and I married the same man, just in different bodies.

  3. What fun. I've met a few blog friends and we just seem to be kindred spirits.
    Thanks for taking us on your trip.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love the old home and it will be fun to follow along that the journey, thanks for sharing her link! And you both look great!


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