Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School Kids and Bulletin Boards...

It's just me and Mason in the house today, everyone else is either at work or at their first day of's so quiet!  I'm not like a lot of people, I actually don't like the first day of school, I'd rather my kids be at home with me and I think the kids feel the same way...but this year.... I think they really wanted/needed to go back. They all had a lot of together time this summer and a break from each other will be a good thing :)

I went to school on Tuesday to redo the bulletin boards. I wasn't sure what I would do for the first month, in the end I came up with this...

 I took down the old tree and made a new one that will stay up the whole year... but this one is in the corner and goes up to the ceiling.

Here is the board I did in June..
 Redid the birthday board too, took down the big cake and replaced it with tiered cake stands...
  And now for the kiddos...  My 7th grader...
 My 10th grader, who by the way is now down 50 lbs!!! I'm so proud of her. She has been making the lifestyle changes right along with me.

Off to middle school and high school...
 My 2nd grader...

My three youngest(Mason had to be in on the school day pics)...
 And my 5th grader... He loves his bowties and he and the male teachers at school have decided that every Thursday will be "bowtie Thursday".

  They grow up way too fast don't they? :(



  1. Great job on the signs. Congrats to your daughter on her weight loss. What a huge accomplishment for someone her age. She looks great! So awesome that you are embracing a new lifestyle together.

  2. Oh I love the bow tie!! All of the kids look so cute. I love the bulletin boards, when I taught it was one of my favorite things to do. Congrats to you and your daughter on your lifestyle changes!
    Have a great long weekend!
    Be blessed,

  3. Hard to believe summer is over already... Your kids look cute/great/handsome/pretty!! Love the bow tie, and think Bow Tie Thursday is the best!! Congrats to your daughter... what an accomplishment!
    Your bulletin boards are fabulous!!
    Wishing you all a happy Labor Day weekend....

  4. They do grow up fast ,and you have a beautiful family Tiff.Youre daughter is a real beauty just like her mum and big sister,and all those handsome boys.A huge well done to your daughter on her weight loss,I know how difficult it is.
    Love to all,Laura xx

  5. You are so talented Tiff ~ I love the bulletin boards ! Your children are all so cute, and I can see they all have their own individual personalities :) Good for the teacher for making Thursdays bow tie day !!!

  6. The bulletin boards are wonderful! So creative, so fun!
    That is wonderful that your daughter is dedicated to loosing some weight along with you. It is wonderful to have someone to hold you accountable and partner with you.

    I wish I could get my boys to let me take a first day picture!



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