Friday, August 30, 2013

Front Doors... A Quick Makeover

The weather is nice and I need to take advantage of it while I can. So instead of working on indoor projects(which there are many of) I decided to keep working on the outside and sprucing things up a bit. After all, I will have a long Maine winter to work on the inside.

Today I painted the front doors...  Ever since I lost my lovely white screen door to a windstorm, I have hated that the two front doors don't match.  The one on the right was painted red and I never bothered to paint the door on the left because it was a stained red wood color, and with the screen door over it, you couldn't tell they didn't match.
I decided to go traditional and painted them both black.
I really like how they turned out... clean and classic.

Not too many houses in my neighborhood have black doors(actually, I'm not sure if any do, I'll have to look next time we are out running), most are white, some are pumpkin colored, there is a bright yellow one, and I think the closest to black is my next door neighbor but her's is a navy blue I think.  Anyway, I like them and glad that not too many houses have them.

Of course, now I'm afraid to hang anything on this door because I don't want it to get scratched up!
I need to motivate myself to do some yardwork, yuck!

Have a safe long weekend,



  1. I like the doors in black and they look stunning with the house color.

  2. Tiff
    The black looks very classical!
    It's especially nice with your grey siding.

  3. The black really set off the curves and shape of the doors.
    They look great!

  4. Good color choice Tiff !! You always have the best ideas :)

  5. I too have been thinking about painting our front door black and I just might have to do it now, once it cools off!

  6. Painting your two doors with black certainly added a sense of elegance to your already beautiful house. Maybe you can try repainting the frames of your windows with black too. It'll look good as well.

    -Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors

  7. I love the way everything turned out! It looks great.


  8. Tiff your doors look wonderful. I think we will go to black when the doors need to be repainted (ours are red right now)

  9. Black, just like white, will always be a good choice! It'll fit perfectly with all designs, both interior and exterior. Maybe, you can also consider giving your door and window frames a little touch up - a different color will do.

    -Jesse Morrison @ Jon Wright Roofing

  10. A simple door makeover created a new appeal to your entire interior. It added life and vibrancy to what was once dull and simple. Congrats, Chelsea!

    -Sol Hendricks @ DiamondCompanies


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