Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Waltons... Part 3... The Hamner Home...

After we visited the Walton's museum we went to the little general store and paid our admission to see the Hamner home.  To our surprise(and my delight) we were handed the key to the home and told... go explore, open all the cupboards, take as many pictures as you like, and be sure to lock the door behind you and don't let anyone else in.  Can you believe that!?!!

Here the kids are on the porch...

Hubby and I sitting in the rockers...

Hubby opening the front door... for 30 wonderful minutes the Walton's home was all ours!!

As you enter the door you walk into the family room. To the left is the main sitting area, ahead is the kitchen, the door on the right is the bathroom, and off to the right is the staircase and the master bedroom.  The woman who bought the house had to completely gut the place and redo everything because it was in such disrepair. She put a lot of money in the home and has made it completely livable now. There are even towels in the bathroom  and coffee in the cupboard.  I guess they wanted to make it a B+B but state law requires that you actually have to live in the b+b to run one.  So I think she just stays there when she is in town.

The family room...

the other side of the room.  I don't know if any of the furniture in the home was actually owned by the Hamners or not.

My family....  sorry for the poor quality of the pics, they were with my tablet and not my camera.

The downstairs master bedroom...

 Another angle...

 I love the simplicity of it all.

The only bathroom in the house. Located on the main floor. There is a shower off to the left too.

The kitchen...

Love the icebox...
Yes, we had to take a picture at the table :)

The staircase...

Upstairs landing...

An interesting fact... neither set of grandparents lived with the Hamners, both lived not far, but they were just added to the household for tv purposes.

There were two rooms upstairs... the girls' room was on the right....

And the boys' room on the left...  Aren't the quilts great?

The house was a two over two style with a wing off the back for the kitchen.  I didn't see any barns or anything so I don't know if there was one there originally.  There is almost the exact same house just yards to the left of the Hamner home. We asked who lived there and the man in the general store said it was built in 1915 and was the home of the original postmaster of the town. Unfortunately, it hasn't been lived in for 20 yrs and has no running water.  Can you imagine buying it and fixing it up and then being the neighbors of the Hamners!   The house isn't huge, but I could definitely live in the Hamner home. I would love to simplify my own home like the way they did this one, it makes it feel so much roomier,  but it is so hard to give up all my treasures!

One last photo of the day :)

So what do you think?  Do you like the Hamner home?  I'm sure it doesn't look quite like it did in Earl Jr.'s day, but I still really liked it. And I really like the big eat in kitchen...and the front porch :)

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  1. I visited Walton's Mountain years ago. I loved it! Back when we visited, Earl's brother lived in the house, so it wasn't open for tours then. We saw him sitting out on the front porch, talking with a neighbor. I would love to go back again! Thanks for taking us on a tour. I enjoyed it! ~Karen

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your sweet vacation!! Love Waltons Mt.

  3. Love it! I could very easily live there.

  4. Oh thank you for the would be fun to live in a house like that...of course with all of the things included! Love the last picture!
    Be blessed,

  5. Love it! I can't imagine raising a bunch of bustling children in those 5 little rooms though! It would be so much fun to buy an old place like that and fix it all up - and live there myself! Thank you so much for the tour. Love the picture of your family at the table!!!

  6. The lady who refurbed it sure didn't understand wood cookstoves, better not ever light it, you'd burn the house down! I did like the bedrooms, but the place could definitely benefit from more area rugs. I think you'd make it look more homey if you lived there. :-)


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