Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to Reality....

Monday is here and our vacation is officially over with hubby returning to work this morning, not something he was looking forward to(neither was I).  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and have tons and tons of lovely memories from it. It was the longest hubby has ever taken off from work in the the 20+ years we have been married, but it was a break that was deeply needed for both of us. 
Thank you all for following along on our journey, I enjoyed reading all your comments. Maybe on our next trip I meet another blog friend or two :)
This is the last full week the kids have off before school starts again:( Summer just seems to fly by!  I have so much to do... design and create a back to school bulletin board, finish a wood tree for the school, clean my house, finish up on the laundry from the trip, possibly rearrange the house a bit, and hopefully get my van back soon(with Ford being the one who needs to fix it, long story, but I'm not too happy with them right now).

Anyway,  I wanted to share today something that I did for the first time ever yesterday...  Hubby and I got up early and headed over to Back Cove in Portland.  See that round body of water in the right of the picture?  There is a 3.5 mile trail that goes around it. Hubby and I ran the whole thing!!! Actually, we ran a bit farther 3.7 miles!! And I didn't stop once, I may have slowed down, but I didn't stop and I didn't walk. It was a huge triumph for this former couch potato(I didn't even run as a child!). I could never have done it alone and I thank my dear hubby for being there with me and pushing me along.  And I am down 60 lbs !! Despite indulging a bit on our vacation, I managed to keep my weight loss going, 22 lbs till my goal :)
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  1. Way to go girl...I feel very proud of you Tiff ,what a fantastic achievement .Lovely hubby for all the support he has given you .Keep it up almost there.xxxxx

  2. Congratulations!! That's an awesome triumph!!

  3. You are a busy lady!! Hard to believe summer is winding down, and school is starting across the country.....
    Congrats on your run.... and your weight loss... great job!!


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