Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby Update, 32weeks 3days....

We had our 32 week 3 day checkup today :)   All is well and going smoothly.  

Asher stats:
* Weight 4lbs 10oz
*heart rate 143
*Practicing his "breathing" techniques
*Likes to hold his hand by his face(every single U/S so far!)

Mommy stats:
*Weight, ya, we won't go there!
*BP 102/60
*Got the Tdap vaccine
*Discussed having a "gentle" csection

Now for the good stuff... pics of Asher!!

We got our first ever look at him in 3D, in fact this is the only baby of ours that I have seen in a 3D u/ was so neat.  We could see him open and close his mouth and he even seemed to give a grimace and then smile.  It isn't the best facial shot, because the uterine wall is on the right side and his hand is blocking the other part of his face on the left. But you can clearly see his nose and lips!  Ya, his nose looks pretty big, LOL!

And here is the print out version..

And we finally got a decent regular U/S profile pic... his arm is still by his face, but you can't see it from this angle.  I can't wait to hold him in August!!!

And here is my obligatory selfie :)

Have a lovely day!,



  1. You are just a few weeks behind our daughter and both of you are all baby, that's so cute!

  2. Yay 32 weeks! To me it feels like this pregnancy is flying by. Probably not to you though LOL. You look great Tiff, you really do!

  3. Oh how adorable !!! I love all the new technology , we didn't have any of this when I was pregnant 32 years ago !! I can't wait to see your new little bundle and you look terrific Tiff !! Take care sweetie ! Xoxo


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