Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gardens Early June...Making Progress

I'm slowly working on things outside, and I realize it all can't happen over night, but I am starting to see some progress :)

My lilac bush is finally in bloom!

The area beside the garage(where the camper used to be) is starting to come to life. I'm trying to keep it very low cost, and so far most of it has been free...  I was able to get a huge hosta plant for free(just had to dig it out myself) and then I divided it up and planted it along the pathway.  For now the path is just cement stones sitting on the rocks(had them already), maybe next weekend I will make it more attractive(tired out today). And I planted the rhubard plants way in the back there on the left.

I brought back the wheelbarrow that was a fairy garden, cleaned it out and will replant it as a miniature garden(their was only one plant that survived).  I added some stuff from the basement and hope to eventually get the old rustic prim garden look in this area. Needs a lot of help, but I'm working on it.

The area that I planted as a "cut flower" garden failed, nothing came up, so I planted Jack be Little pumpkins seeds today, I usually have good luck with them.  We also added more twigs to the wattle fence surrounding it.  I'm hoping this looks better when things start to grow in it!

Out front... things are blooming nicely...

Fronch porch is the same, just moved some geraniums from it.

That's it for now.   Thank for the kind thoughts about Sally. It's still hard to believe she is gone. I think Jenny misses her too.



  1. Gardens look wonderful. I am so envious of your gorgeous lilac. Mine just gets enormous and out of control so I cut it back and then don't get flowers the following year. You'd think I'd learn when to prune it...sigh.
    Fun wattle fence.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Tiff, I think your gardens look wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    Be blessed,


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