Thursday, June 11, 2015


Having a child in 3rd grade this year, means the annual field trip to a local living history village, Willowbrook.
Our family has been there many times, but it still makes for a pleasant and fun day.

This fancy stage coach is documented to be the 2nd oldest in the country(the 1st is at the Smithsonian).

My boys hanging laundry :)

A replica working kitchen... they do demos and classes here.  The kids got to churn butter and sample some wood oven baked cornbread.

A little sign on the wall, I thought it would make a nice sampler...

At the granary, cracking corn...

Getting lessons in the one room school house... the teacher was very strict and cracked the hickory stick on the desks when the kids made too much noise... but she taught them to say "mam" very quickly when spoken to!

Back at the granary... stripping the dried corn off the cob...

At the cider press, the boys are working the old horse powered treadmill....

This trip was a more "hands on" trip than the ones in the past, so we didn't get tours of the two big houses, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.  We also saw a print shop and telegraph station, and they got to ride on the oldest working carousel in the US.

If it were a bit closer(it's a good 45 to 50 minute trip), I would volunteer there, maybe one day we will have something like this in our own town :)


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  1. This museum is wonderful! I drove from vt to see it. Your son is lucky to have such a great trip.


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