Monday, June 29, 2015

Mt. Major, Alton Bay, NH...

On Saturday we decided to head over to New Hampshire and do a little hiking.  We chose Mt. Major in Alton Bay.  From the description online, it seemed like a pretty easy hike, only 1,100 feet in elevation and a little over 3 miles round trip.  Definitely no Mt. Washington, but more challenging than Bradbury Mountain(a local one we did last year with the kids).

It was a perfect day, sunny skies and a high of around 72.

We soon realized after getting to the first vantage point, that this was not a leisurely hike. There were some steep rocky climbing points and you could definitely feel the elevation gain.  We took the blue trail up and the orange trail down.

The the views we becoming worth the effort...

The kids did great and Jenny loved it!

The lake in view is Lake Winnipesaukee...

Mason tripped more than once during the whole thing and ended up with a pretty scratched up leg, but he still had fun.

I usually do not wear just a tank top in public, but fairly early in the hike I had strip off my outer shirt because I was overheating.  I will admit, at 33 weeks pregnant, this was a challenging hike..... I had to take it slow and I felt like a turtle at the end of the group, but it was fun and I look forward to doing another one next Saturday.

My dreams of hiking Mt. Washington again before Asher arrives, are just that... dreams. I concede, I am just too pregnant to do that big of a hike :)

Sunday I worked on a baby project and I have another one on my sewing table right now... lots to get done!


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  1. Congrats on completing the hike. You must be in pretty good shape :)
    Gorgeous views.
    Hugs :)


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