Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Leon Day!!

What's Leon Day you ask?  It's June 25th, the halfway mark til Christmas!!! and Leon is Noel spelled backwards.  I actually had no idea that today had a name until I heard about it from the lovely people at Patience Brewster.  

 I know, who is thinking of Christmas in June?!  But, why not?  We should keep the spirit of Christ alive in our thoughts and hearts all year long :)  
Giving is part of that, the giving of yourself to others... whether it be through your gift of time, talent, compassion, art, or thoughtfulness.  

For me, I love to give handmade gifts, so now is a perfect time to get started on some. I always say I'm not going to wait until the last minute, and some years I am good, but I will admit, most years I'm a procrastinator!   This year,  I am going to try to make at least one gift a week from this week on(with a break in August for obvious reasons!)

If you can't or don't have the time to make something yourself, but still want a creative and special gift, check out these Ornaments(hand made and painted) from Patience Brewster, and to learn more about the artist, visit her Blog.  She offers lots of lovely gifts from stationary to jewelry, all in her own whimsical style :)

So what about you?  Are you making Christmas presents yet?  Are you shopping for them already and stashing them away?  Are you dreaming of decorations?

Here are some things to get you started...  It's garage sale season, so be on the look out for vintage ornaments...  Make them into Wreaths!

Check out my Christmas Pinterest Board and Church Fair Idea Board for lots more Christmas crafts....

Need some inspiration to crochet a gift?  Lots of projects Here!

Want to make a quilt for a gift?  I've Pinned some fabulous ones... here

Lots of everyday gifts can be found here

A baby in your life?  Check out Here

Thinking about planning a Gingerbread House Party(mine as been great fun for 3 years running now!), check out some inspiration Here

I hope this has inspired you a bit, and put a spark of giving spirit in your heart to go out and create!

I'm off to my craft room now :)

Have a lovely day!


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