Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Becca's First Quilt...

 I'm so very proud of my 17 yr old daughter, Becca... she made her very first quilt, 100% of the work was done by her, all I did was provide the instruction and some guidance.  She used all the leftover fabric I had in my stash from the quilt I made for my niece, but instead of a chevron pattern she did a pinwheel one.  The toughest part for her was working with the minky fabric on the back, she wasn't happy with the way it shifted(and ultimately bunche a little). She also wasn't too fond of hand sewing the binding on!, but she loved making the top :)

This was a gift for her creative writing teacher, whose wife just had their first baby.

I think she did a wonderful job!



  1. Good job, Becca! It looks perfect!

  2. I think she did a wonderful job too! What a wonderful gift to give. Janice

  3. Do you spray baste? Much easier than pinning.


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