Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 Makeovers down....

I'm taking a quick break from the house to show you 3 of the makeovers that I got done from the church sale. I don't know if this is the way it works with the rest of you, but my whole house ends up a mess and rearranged when I try to add some new items to the house. I have to move one thing to make room for another, which means moving yet another thing, then I think that something may look better in another room, etc..... UGH! I end up doing more work than initially planned for.

Anyway, I told you I wasn't too thrilled with the way those two lamps were turning out. And in the end, I just didn't like them. So, I tore them apart and made a new lamp out of one, and am using the base of the other for my tin candle holder. For the lamp, I used the wood legged base and part of the wood top, then I added an old grater I had for the middle(hubby was kind enough to drill a hole in the handle for me), then I rewired it with new lamp parts and added a shade. The shade was actually given to me last year by a neighbor, but I never used it. It was a yellowey/cream paper shade that was just screaming to be made over. And yes, I made it over. I painted it brown and painted the berries on it and it looks so much better. Then I just added the berries to the top of the grater.

Of course, then I had to figure out where to put the lamp, which made me switch out the treddle sewing machine that was on this wall for the gateleg table that was in the hall(which I then moved my pie safe too).(you see where I am going with all this, total chaos!)
Here is the little shelf with drawers. I painted it a blue black mixture and sanded it, easy peasy. I first hung it in the family room over the couch and put my little Pfaltzgraff crocks on it, but I didn't like it there. So then I moved it to the hall and put it above the new home of the pie safe. Of course that meant that I had to take down the 20 or so black and white family pictures that I had hanging on this wall, which I still have no idea where I'm going to put them now. Oh, and that white thing above it is my doorbell chimes, I need to find a way to cover that and I still need to put something on the top of the little hutch.

And last is the little green shelf, which is now red. And I sanded it so that you can see the green underneath. I really love the lines of this piece, but I had no place for it downstairs, so I decided to give it to my 9yr old son who collects little ceramic dogs. He needed a better place to display them and it looks cute in his room.

My house is turned upside down right now, so there are no full room shots, but I'm hoping to get everything redone by the weekend and then I can finally share house pics next week! Of course I have two big pieces from goodwill still to redo(which I haven't shared with you all yet) and some small stuff from the church sale, but I'm working as fast as I can.

Have a productive day,



  1. makeovers look great. Looking forward to the house pictures. Love your decorating, Janie

  2. What a creative way to use a grater. I love your lamp. Fantastic job. You have been a very busy girl Tiff. I need a few things made over if you run out of things to do of your own.
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your home. Enjoy your day.

  3. Great makeovers. Awesome job with the lamp.

  4. I never would have thought about doing the grater for a lamp. I also never would have picked up the wooden cabinet because of the wood stain, not thinking how beautiful it would be painted! And I must admit that I love the shelf painted red with the little doggies, nice to see my dogs have a new happy home, however, that green shelf would have been mine to go with my dish collection had I seen it first. Good job on all.

  5. You've done a wonderful job. You are so creative. I would never have thought of the things you did, and they turned out wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  6. Everything looks wonderful. I used to constantly be moving things, but began to think that perhaps it was the sign of an illness... LOL, that and I pitied my husband coming home after night was downright dangerous!! :)

  7. I LOVE the grater as a lamp, that's GREAT!


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