Monday, November 23, 2009


Sharing yet another collection with you, my cows. I always have trouble getting good pics of this window, because during the day, the sun shines straight through it, so night time shots will have to do. This is my kitchen window, over my sink. I added the shelf in the middle just so I had a place for my cows. Some are ceramic, some are plastic, and one is tin. Oh and the big one in the window is wood and was found at a yard sale 2 years ago for $3.

The house is getting there, I just need to put away some stuff on the kitchen table and finish my sewing room and then all the Christmas decorations are going up, I can't wait. I'm doing two full size trees this year, one in the kitchen with all my cookie cutters and vintage utensils on it and the other one in the family room with my glass ornament collection. Then I will have 5 or 6 smaller trees through out the house. Oh and I forgot, I still have two large painting makeovers I need to do before I can say the house is done for now, not sure when I will get to those, and I still have to show you what they are!!

I have realized that responding to blogger comments does not work the way typepad does. I have tried to directly respond through email and apparantly no one gets it, so sorry if I'm not responding, I think I will just start commenting on the actual posts when others comment and that will be easier.

Have a fantastic day,



  1. I love your cows... I have a big one on the wall in my bathroom... always surprises people the first time around.. LOL

  2. I love cows real and other wise! I went through that faze many years ago and still have some out and about. Your display looks wonderful! I'll be decorating my house the day after Thanksgiving, can't wait! Looking forward to seeing your house all decked out!

  3. The cows are so cute. Love the display. I can't wait to see your pictures of your Christmas decorations. Where do you get all your energy from :)
    Happy Thanksgiving, Janie

  4. Love your cows! They look great. Can't wait to see pics of your Christmas trees. All your collections are inspiring me to collect more.


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