Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So as I said in my post last night, I had to make 42 cupcakes for today. Well, I didn't know I needed 42 until my son told me that after I had already bought the cake mix. I thought I only needed 20 some, but because his class works with the class next door(they open the wall up) he has to bring in some for EVERYONE!! Ok, fine, I bought two boxes and two things of frosting. At 9:30 last night I start baking. Make the first 24 cupcakes(luckily I have 4 cupcake pans). I then go to make the 2nd batch and quickly realize I don't have enough batter and I'm out of eggs. I end up with only 38 cupcakes!!! And it's 10 at night and I have no eggs so I can't even bake cookies. I could have just bought something on the way to school this morning, but honestly I didn't want to spend another $30 or $40 on "treats" for 2 classes when money is tight enough around here.(and hubby just had to spend $200 to get two new tires for his car yesterday and I have barely started Christmas shopping). So you see where I am coming from.

So I look in the cupboards and hatch a plan. I see a new bag of pretzel sticks, white chocolate chips, the cans of chocolate frosting for the cupcakes, and sprinkles. I'll make dipped pretzel sticks! It's now 10:30 pm and I'm melting chocolate and dipping pretzels, I make 90 all together. Each kid will get 2 and there will be some for the teachers.

Then, I had to have something to put them in. So I cut paper plates into quarters, folded them, and stuck them together with double sided tape. Wrote who they were from on them and they were good to go...
And here they are with the 2 pretzel sticks in them, the chocolate sides are in the cup.
I figured that was a good enough little treat considering there is another child in the class who is also bringing something in for their birthday. And with the day I had yesterday, I'm surprised I even made these. Let's just say, I was in tears as I was baking last night, it was just one of those days.

But today is a new day.



  1. What a night you had Tiff. Glad it wasn't me this time. Those pretzels look yummy. Very creative way to carry them too. I'm sure the kids loved all your hard work even if they never know what you had to go thru to make these treats for them.
    Relax now. Your all done. Well until next year that is!

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  3. How clever you are.
    You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention.

  4. A Mom's work is never done. Hopefully you will get some time to relax tonight.

    The pretzels look yummy. Great idea.

    Have a great night, Janie

  5. I wouldn't have thought to use the pretzels. What a great idea, and they look delicious. I'm sure the kids loved them.

  6. Tiff I'd say you came together when it counted...WAY TO GO MOM!
    I think the PERSONAL TOUCH of the HANDMADE treat is wayyyyy better than the cupcakes.
    On the plus side as you have lots of cupcakes for your family!!! It was a WIN-WIN situation.

  7. They look delicious!!!!!!!!!! You win the mom of the year award. Sleep is sooo overrated anyhow :)

  8. I totaly relate. I too remember those nights when my children would come in needing somethig it would be late and with four children money was always tight. I would never have pulled it off as good as you did. Wonderful....m.


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