Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little White Dresser Makeover...

Remember this little white ugly dresser I picked up at a church sale? Well, I'm finally ready to share some pics of it all primmed up.

And here it is....
I put new wood knobs on it, that I could paint(the old ones were ceramic), I added molding to the top and the bottom, painted it a chocolate brown at first, but it looked way too Pottery Barnish. So it went black, and with some sanding, the brown added a nice under coat. This poor little dresser went through many knob changes before deciding on the simple wood ones. My dear friend had a brilliant idea of using some of my vintage wood handle cookie cutters as knobs. We tried it out and it looked really "cute", but that was the problem, it was too cute for the look I wanted. It would have worked well in a 40's farmhouse kitchen , but wasn't prim enough for me. Then I tried using some distressed vintage wood toy blocks I had, that too didn't give me the look I wanted. So, this is the final result and I'm pretty happen with the transformation. Though, I still want to stitch some little labels for the drawers that say "mittens", "hats", "scarves", etc.
And I found two more pieces of gray enamelware down in the basement while cleaning on Sunday. So I hung one on the wall and the other is on top the dresser for us to throw our keys and such in when we walk through the garage door.(that way I don't see them out in the open).

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have and our serving, Thank you!!! My grandfather served during WWII, hubby's father served during Vietnam, and hubby was in the Navy for 8 years during the 90's. And A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling son Gavin, who is 9 today.

Have a lovely day,


PS, is anyone else getting a Malware Detection Warning for the Primitive Place blog?


  1. Great makeover, Love the added moldings!!

  2. Great job! the dresser came out nice,love what you did with the gray enamelware. Blessings, Leah

  3. Fantastic makeover. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for the idea on adding the trim to the piece. Never would have thought of that.

  4. It looks fantastic all primmed up! You have it all so well arranged - love it!
    Best wishes

  5. Happy Birthday to your son Gavin! I have two 9 yo boys, they're so much fun. I love how the dresser turned out.

  6. I love the new look, black is my favorite color for furniture.


  7. Great makeover! I love the way you did your groupings and the large wooden piece hanging over everything.

  8. I love it! Actually, I love your whole house. You have a real knack for decorating. It amazes me that you can accomplish so much with six children. I only have two and I am tired LOL!!


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