Friday, November 6, 2009

Vintage Baby Dresses and Laundry Things....

I decided to share yet another couple of collections with you. Maybe this blog should be about collections and the strange things that people are attracted to :)

Anyway, the first collection is baby gowns, they all hang in my bedroom which is done primarily in dark woods and white fabrics with just a dash of red. It's very mellow compared to the rest of my house.

These first two vintage gowns hang over my bed. I really know nothing about any of the vintage textiles, such as age or purpose, I just know I like them. These ones are done in a very thin fabric and are fairly simple in design with just some tiny finishing stitching to give them character.
This long gown is my favorite vintage one. The fabric is heavier than the rest and I love all the pin tucking down the front. I wonder if it was a Christening gown or just a fancy gown.

This was my youngest daughter's Christening gown.

And this was my oldest daughter's Christening gown.

The dress on the right was mine as a baby and has my first pair of shoes hanging with it. The other little plain one is some sort of undergarment.

I think this one may have been a shirt and worn with pants or bloomers, it too is done is a very thing fabric.

I think these two were undergarments too and are very thin. Again, I have no idea of the age.

And this last one is a little underskirt done in a heavier cotton with rows of pin tucking.

I have a few more that I still need to hang, but I have to find more vintage hangers first.
And then there is my collection in my laundry room. I love children's ironing boards and irons. I have three ironing boards hanging and one is on loan to my kiddos to play house with. I also collect stocking stretchers, again, as with most of my collections, I'm not sure why :)

One wall of stocking stretchers...

Another pair...

And another pair that are just like the pair above....

I would love to get some more wood ones, but those are hard to find at a price I'm willing to pay, I'm cheap!!
It's a busy weekend. I'm headed up to Birgit's Open house in New Gloucester tomorrow with some friends. Then I need to make three costumes for my youngest daughter's school play. And on Sunday, I want to finish cleaning out the basement, which is no small task. Plus I'm working on a second pair of baby pants. You can see the first pair I finished the other night here.
Have a lovely weekend,

Oh, and I know you can open up a whole can of worms when you share your personal thoughts or views on a public blog, but I guess that is just the nature of blogging and we are all entitled to our own opinions. And hopefully we can learn and grow from hearing each others thoughts, from what we write on our own blogs to the comments that are left. And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Hi Tiff....

    So glad I found your blog through the country bug! Maybe we will meet at the open house this weekend...I will be on the lookout for a pregnant woman! My mom and I are really hoping to make it...
    Kelly (Standish)

  2. I am finding that the older I get the more collections I have. I used to never understand collectors and their unique finds. My house is probably half the size of yours so I have to limit my collecting....I would be in trouble if I lived in your house:)

  3. The baby gowns are so precious! I also collect ironing boards and sock stretchers. In my laundry room I also have quite a few washboards and related old laundry things like copper plungers, old soap boxes and clothes pins. I even have my grandmother's clothes pin bag. There is a bunch more stuff crammed in there too! After I get the room painted maybe I should do a laundry room post.

  4. Tiff - Thanks for sharing your sock stretcher collection - I have a few myself and my favorites are the wooden ones. I just discovered a blog awhile ago - she has THE most awesome collections - I think you'll enjoy seeing all her old entries.

  5. Hi Tiff..I just wanted to comment on those first two little dresses.
    I have a couple almost like them.I have them hanging in my office.
    My dear sweet mama made them for me when I was just a baby.
    They are quite lovely,and so are yours.
    Have a great week-end.BTW,my dresses have some age to them,and yours probably do too.
    I just turned 58 in Sept.,so mine are getting some age to them.Blessings...Becky

  6. Is there anything you don't collect?! Everything you show is beautiful; what great taste....

  7. as a sock knitter i was happy to see your sock stretchers. i've never seen antique, vintage stretchers except wooden. very fun!!!

  8. Hi Tiff. I loved your collection of gowns. I have my own Christening gown that I cherish. Maybe I should get it out of the trunk to hang. Speaking of hangers, I have some vintage wooden hangers that were going out on my lawn sale. Let me know if you would like to see them.


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